Narendra Modi's emotional speech served a massive image makeover

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Modi's massive image makeover
The speech made by India's prime minister designate Narendra Modi at the Central Hall on Tuesday, the day he was elected the BJP's Parliamenntary Party leader was a significant one. It was not just a routine speech as far its consequences are concerned. Modi's emotional breakdown in the middle of his speech saw it leaving even a bigger impact.

Modi conveyed that the mandate didn't push him away from grassroots

Narendra Modi has committed himself to reduce whatever little gap that exists between him and the people of India in the last few days since that massive mandate in favour of his party and alliance. On May 16 after the results came out, Modi gave a touching speech in Ahmedabad where he said he was always a call away. On the next day, Modi attended a victory lap and a press conference in New Delhi and later offered prayers to Ganga in Varanasi. These were moves to show to the world that Modi didn't get bigger than the party despite the mandate and he remained close to the people.

Modi brought back the days of oratory in Indian politics

Modi also sent a message to the Opposition while speaking in the Central Hall on Tuesday. His speech brought to focus the fact that oratory is still an asset in our politics, something which not many politicians of today remember. This is significant for Modi's predecessor was noted for his deafening silence on most issues even when serious questions were raised on its credibility.

Modi brings the focus back on the communication factor, something which felicitates the quest to make the business of governance more transparent. Modi proved himself to be a perfect successor to former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, for whom oratory was a big asset to defend his government against the Opposition's attack.

Remembering the senior leaders

By speaking about senior leaders and congratulating the allies during and after the speech, Modi also showed to the people that he hasn't forgot the contribution of other leaders even at this hour of victory centred around him. This is something not many Congress-led regimes have done in the past.

Modi made an attempt towards evolving as a statesman

The second important aspect of Modi's speech is that he approached the occasion with the approach of a leader and not a party politician. He did not retaliate against any other side and even said that every government has served the nation in its own way. He also spoke with an optimistic mind and refused to give importance to negative terms like anti-incumbency. We don't yet know whether Modi can prove to be a statesman like Vajpayee but he has definitely made an honest effort on his first day inside the Parliament. This will also convince BJP's allies that they are not made irrelevant as the government begins its journey in another few days.

Narendra Modi made a big effort towards his image makeover during the speech

The Narendra Modi of Tuesday was entirely a different personality. He was not a politician wooing voters or attacking opponents in sarcastic words. He took the initial steps towards a makeover of his image as a leader of the nation and not just a political party. This is something the Republic of India hasn't seen for a long, long time.

However, having said this, Modi's task gets challenging from here on. Soon, his majority government will complete its honeymoon period and the responsibility to free India from the ill-effects of the previous regime will be demanding. Still there are quarters that are not convinced about his victory in the 2014 Lok Sabha election and will be ready to take out their knives if things go awry even slightly.

Modi's first step towards transition is commendable. He has already established himself as a man who doesn't hesitate to speak out his emotions. The nation won't complain about this behavioural change at the helm though.

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