How Narendra Modi struck a chord with the youth in US

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Modi's US trip attracts the youth
When Prime Minister Narendra Modi entered the Madison Sqaure Garden ahead of his speech during his recent trip to US, chants of 'Modi, Modi' greeted him. Never in the past did any Indian PM receive such a warm reception in US.

While everybody praised Narendra Modi for his enthusiasm and his vision and making efforts to connect with the Indian community in US, by the end of the speech there were many who were touched by his speech and who wanted to return back to India in order to serve the country.

OneIndia spoke to Urvi Bagaria, a student from NYU, who attended Modi's event at Madison Sqaure Garden (MSG) to gauge how the entire event was and how did Modi's speech strike a chord with the youth.

Modi's MSG visit generates excitement

"I was excited to see him speak! I've heard him talk before and he is an amazing orator. The country has been roaring ever since he took his oath, even before that, and that itself is reason enough to wanting to watch him speak. I expected his speech to be the usual political over the top extravaganza but I was pleasantly surprised!" she said.

What touched the Indian community there was the way Modi spoke and connected with them. The crowd cheered and laughed at his funny one liners like (We are not a land of snake charmers anymore. Today the youth hold a mouse in their hands) and clapped as he announced new schemes for the NRIs.

Mangalyaan, 'Make In India' make an impression

Not only did Modi appeal to the business community but also to the youth to come and 'Make In India.' "I think he had me at his Make in India movement. The introduction of a new Skill Ministry and focusing on job creation is something our country desperately needs.

He touched upon everything that has bothered me about our country and he demonstrated how there's just so much opportunity and he's helping us all find solutions to seize it. Who doesn't want to be back home creating history that involves Rs.7/kilometre journeys to Mars?," Urvi said.

Why Modi managed to gauge audience in US

For Indians living in US it was a rare opportunity to hear Prime Minister speak to them in person and not behind any four walls unlike previous years. For those who couldn't attend the event they were able to watch Modi's speech live from Times Square.

When Modi said: "I understand when you go through visa troubles. I understand when you don't get your visas," drew huge applause from the crowds as he himself was denied visa in 2005. Not only did he appeal to the businessmen to return to India, but he also thanked them for serving the country even though they were abroad.

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