Congress supporters hurl allegations: Modi govt's 100 days and 15 goof-ups!

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New Delhi, Sept 3: The country, especially, BJP supporters and followers have been celebrating completion of NDA government-led by Prime Minister Narendra at the centre. While many has been asserting about "acche din (good days)" in the country under Modi government, others have been criticising it highlighting many loopholes in the work process of the central government. Several Congress supporters have been criticising NDA government over several issues.

Here are 15 major goof-ups which have been raised by Congress supporters against Modi government saying they did not match to the promises that were made during pre-election campaign by Modi and his party members:

From Empowered Ministers to Disempowered Ministers

From Empowered Ministers to Disempowered Ministers

1. Restricting his cabinet ministers, Modi deals directly with secretaries. He also bypasses and undercuts Ministers.

2. Union Cabinet Ministers are not allowed to choose their own private secretaries.

3. Home Minister Rajnath Singh has been cut out of appointment process.

4. Ministers were instructed how to dress, who to eat with, and when to talk.

From Secular India to Communal India

From Secular India to Communal India

1. More than 600+ riots have been reported across the country.

2.Muslim techie in Pune was murdered by emboldened Hindutva fanatics.

3. Sanjeev Baliyan, accused in the Muzaffarnagar riots, was inducted into Modi ministry.

4. Sangeet Som, accused in the Muzaffarnagar riots, was given Z class security.

5. Yogi Adityanath has been made BJP campaign chief for UP bypolls.

6. Communal violence was allegedly incited in Assam by BJP MPs.

7. Raghav Lakhanpal, BJP MP from Saharanpur, was indicted for instigating communal clashes.

8. Committee Reports claimed that all communities hold BJP responsible for communal violence in UP.

Saffronization of Education

Saffronization of Education

1.HRD Minister -- Smriti Irani was likely to give a Hindu perspective to education.

2. She has approved creation of Bharatiya Shiksha Niti Ayog to "Indianize" the education system, advocated by RSS and affiliated with Shiksha Sanskriti Utthan Nyas.

Ministerial Gaffes

Ministerial Gaffes

1. Minister Jitendra Singh urged government to rethink to repeal Article 370. However, he later retracted.

2. Union Minister of Minority Affairs -- Najma Heptulla created controversy. She claimed, "all Indians are Hindus." However, later she asserted that she did not say "Hindus," but "Hindis".

3. Smriti Irani's Yale "degree" controversy also hit India.

4. Arun Jaitley faced criticism when he stated that the Nirbhaya tragedy was "just one small rape" and lamented that it had affected India's tourism revenues.

5. Union Health Minister, Harsh Vardhan believes values are better than condoms to prevent AIDS.

6. Harsh Vardhan's vision: To ban the "so called" sex education in schools.

7. 1.5 lac files were junked by the Home Ministry, some related to Gandhiji's assassination.

Policy Confusions and Mishandling

Policy Confusions and Mishandling

Another controversy over UPSC examination row hit India. The so called "solution" on CSAT was neither satisfactory nor fair, claimed critics.

2. Four Year University Programme (FYUP) of Delhi University were reversed through undue interference by government in the autonomous University.

3. University Grants Commission takes cue from government interference in FYUP and meddles with innovative programmes at the Indian Institute of Science and IITs.

4. Panicking, Modi Government rolls back Mumbai suburban rail fares with an eye on impending Maharashtra assembly election.

5. Confusion on fuel prices as they are alternately cut and increased.

6. Government efforts at bringing back black money summed up by BJP MP Nishikant Dubey as "we will not be able to bring back black money from Switzerland in this lifetime"

7. Jaitley caught in Defense-Finance crossfire: Part time Defense Minister, Part time Finance Minister even after 100 days.

8. Modi makes false claims of "Khazana Khali Hai", Chidambaram exposes false claims.

9. Mis-governance of the BJP in Delhi with water and power crisis on rise and denial of pension payments.

10. "Social media wing" of I&B Ministry tasked with monitoring social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

11. Hindi imposition back in BJP Regime? Government backtracks after its circulars face backlash.

Not a Word on Women's Safety and Reservation

Not a Word on Women's Safety and Reservation

1. A mere Rs.100 crore alloted for the Beti bachao scheme.

2. Women's reservation bill ignored entirely thus far, despite promises in BJP Manifesto.

3. Inadequate initiatives on women's safety, despite rising number of incidence of violence against women in the past 2 months.

4. Prime Minister chooses silence over words and action during Badaun atrocities against women.

Undermining the Integrity of Institutions

Undermining the Integrity of Institutions

1. Politicized appointment process for Supreme Court judges: Gopal Subramaniam rejected because of his amicus curiae role in Sohrabuddin encounter killing case.

2. Planning Commission dismantled with no clarity on alternative structures.

3. Announcement of dismantling of Planning Commission in the middle of a plan process disrupting funds transfers, projects, etc.

4. Cooperative Federalism? Unilateral announcement of dismantling of Planning Commission without consultation or consent of state governments.

5. First act of Modi government to amend TRAI so that a specific individual could become Principal Secretary to PM.

6. Politicizing the bureaucracy: officers who served under UPA ministers banned from Modi government.

7. BJP thwarts recognition of Leader of Opposition, putting various constitutional appointments in jeopardy.

8. Governors eased out in violation of Supreme Court norms.

9. Institutional safeguards in the Land Acquisition Act to be weakened considerably through amendments.

10. Health Minister Harsh Vardhan sacks whistle blower Chief Vigilance Officer at AIIMS for exposing corruption.

Foreign Policy Blunders

Foreign Policy Blunders

1. India diplomatically isolated in WTO and painted as a global villain.

2. Firing by Pakistani forces along the international border in the last 45 days possibly the "heaviest" since the 1971 war, according to BSF.

3. Nirmala Sitharaman cancels Myanmar summit visit, sets back progress toward including India in ASEAN+6.

4. India embarrassed by last minute cancellation of visit to South Africa by Venkaiah Naidu-led parliament delegation.

5. Gaza: Government supports resolution against Israel in UN but curbs debate in India.

Union Budget: Name Changing but Not Game Changing

Union Budget: Name Changing but Not Game Changing

1. The UPAs National skill development program re-announced as ‘Skill India' program.

2. The PURA (Provision of Urban amenities in Rural Areas) scheme renamed ‘Rurban Mission'.

3. UPA's Financial Inclusion plan to provide bank accounts to the poor, copied and continued as 'Jan Dhan Yojana'.

4. UPA's Teacher Education Scheme effectively rehashed as the Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya Teachers Training Programme.

5. Model of 100 Smart Cities based on UPA's JNNURM Knowledge Base.

6. Most of the big-ticket allocations retained from UPA's Interim Budget.

7. 100 Crores! Piecemeal budgetary allocations appear to have been prepared hurriedly overnight.

NDA’s U-turns and Credit Claiming

NDA’s U-turns and Credit Claiming

1. BJP now proposes a number of policies which it resisted while in opposition: GST, FDI in insurance, defence etc.

2. Modi takes credit for Katra Railway line built by Congress-led UPA Government.

Dissolving Norms, Destroying Environment

Dissolving Norms, Destroying Environment

1. POSCO given thickly forested Khandadhar Hills for mining.

2. Coal mine expansion projects now allowed without public hearing.

3. Forest Rights Act diluted: consent by tribal population now replaced by consent by district administration

4. Mid-sized polluting industries allowed to operate within 5 km of national parks, against the Supreme Court mandate of at least 10 km

5. Ban on new industries in critically polluted areas lifted, like in Vapi, Gujarat

6. Pollution index-based moratoriums lifted, weakening scientific environmental management

7. Norms for coal tar processing, sand mining, paper pulp industry eased

8. Environmental clearances for irrigation projects weakened

9. National Board for Wildlife gutted, and number of independent expert members cut from 15 to 3.

10. Truncated National Board for Wildlife clears 140 projects in one day, drawing Supreme Court ire and stay.

11. Mining norms diluted by blurring distinction between violate or inviolate forests, making them more vulnerable

12. "Laws Keep Changing" - Prakash Javadekar: Judicial power of the National Green Tribunal reduced to administrative power.

13. Supreme Court hauls up Modi government for lack of progress on Independent Environment Authority

14. Narmada Dam height to be increased, will inundate new areas and displace 2.5 lakh people

15. Ken-Betwa river-linking project revived, to adversely affect the Panna tiger reserve

16. Field trials for 21 genetically modified crops approved

No Rail for the Poor

No Rail for the Poor

1. Railway fare hike of 14% and privatization of stations announced: Right to mobility non-existent for the poor.

2. High speed bullet trains proposals are inherently exclusionary.

Corrupt Parliament, Criminal Parliamentarians

Corrupt Parliament, Criminal Parliamentarians

13 out of 45 (30%) Union Ministers have serious criminal charges against them

43. Irony of BJP fighting criminality and corruption with Amit Shah and Yeddyurappa at the helm

44. Supreme Court constitutional bench advises Prime Minister to take action and drop charge sheeted ministers: no response from Modi Government

45. Minister Nihal Chand Meghwal accused in a gang rape case

46. Officers charge sheeted in fake encounter cases in Gujarat reinstated

47. Senior BJP member, Yashwant Sinha, takes law in his own hands, assaults government official

48. BJP's national party president disregards the law and due process: does not appear in CBI court case when summoned

Recent Issues

Recent Issues

1. Never in the history of India an Ex SC Judge was appointed as a Governor.

2. PM's speech made compulsory for all students.

High Risk, Low Delivery on Economic Promises

High Risk, Low Delivery on Economic Promises

1. Emphasis on disinvestment can lead to cheap sell off of public assets, given the disinvestment track record of previous NDA government (Ex Disinvestment Secretary Baijal indicted by CBI).

2. Over-reliance on privatization and PPP models

3. Economic recovery is a result of UPA's efforts in first quarter of financial year

4. Inflation still runs high: priority area for NDA sees no improvement even after 100 days!

5. Retail inflation for industrial workers rises to 7.23 per cent

6. BJP denies promised paddy bonus to farmers, betraying farmers and manipulating the issue.

7. BJP takes the UPA path again as regards de-regulation of fuel prices

8. Food price stabilization fund in budget highly inadequate in both scale and operation

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