Musharraf's anti-India rant: Know what is the real motive of former military General of Pak

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Former military ruler General of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf seems is hellbent on spitting venom against India. Recently the deposed President said that Pakistan should incite those who are fighting against India in Kashmir.

He also hit out at Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi by terming him anti-Muslim. But then why a leader who has his root in India, wants a war between India and Pakistan. But then remember, he is the same man who back stabbed India through Kargil war in 1999. So, he is like that only

worried of legal cases, he wants to come close to Army

The leader who is on bail in a treason case recently said, "We have source (in Kashmir) besides the (Pakistan) army...People in Kashmir are fighting against (India). We just need to incite them".

Continuing his anti-India tirade, in a TV interview said, "In Kashmir, we can fight with the Indian Army from both the front and back...We are Muslims. We will not show the other cheek when we are slapped. We can respond tit for tat".

But what exactly he meant by this anti-India rhetoric. Why he is even criticizing his own Nawz Sharif Government.

Whom he is impressing exactly?

Experts say that he is doing all this just to impress Pakistani Army, who is the real power center. Former Military ruler know that if he will be in their(Army) good book he will get his happy days back.

Currently he is facing number of legal cases and there is no respite seems to be in sight. On October 14 only a day before his anti-India ranting, the Pakistan court had summoned him in the 2007 murder case of Lal Masjid cleric Abdul Rasheed Ghazi.

The military general was even threatened to issue an arrest warrant against him if he will not appear in next hearing. So, General is banking upon army to get the favour.

Report says, he is on bail in four criminal cases and undergoing trials in two cases - in 2007 Red Mosque cleric murder case and another case related with treason.

After remaining for wilderness, he wants to come back and is making ground for that. He had wrested power from Nawaz Sharif in 1999 via a military coup, just after Kargil war. he In 2008, he was forced to quit after poll debacle. In 2013, after five years of self-exile he made a comeback but legal cases wobbled his way.

Kashmir is hot potato for Army, ISI

Musharraf knows that Kashmir is hot potato for Pakistani politicians, especially for Army and ISI. Making aggressive stand on Kashmir is his stunt to gain sympathy of the Army who calls the shot in Pakistan.

He knows well that his bete noire Nawaz Sharif will not at all help him to get off his all legal cases. Moreover, the report says that Musharraf is good friend of Pakistan's army chief Raheel Sharif's brother.

This is the reason, Musharraf is maintaining anti-India stand. Otherwise a man who lived, studied in India can't be so anti-India. Because of his Indian root, it wwas expected that he should work to mend the fence between two countries.

But contrary, he is adding fuel to the fire. He is hoping that he will come to power again in Pakistan but truth is it is his illusion nothing else.

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