Mr Abdul Basit, enough proofs available to put Hafiz Saeed behind bars

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Hafiz Saeed continues his rant against India
Pakistan is known for its never accepting truth attitude and the same was repeated once again on Friday when Pakistan's High Commissioner Abdul Basit said that they were not aware about the secret meeting between 26/11 mastermind Hafiz Saeed and Indian journalist Ved Pratap Vaidik.

"Our Government was not aware of this meeting and nor was the Government of India. It was a meeting between two private individuals and nothing more," Basit said in New Delhi.

Headley revealed ISI role in 26/11 attack

When asked about why LeT chief has not been arrested till now he said, "We do not have any evidence against him...We cannot put him in jail just to please anyone".

Proof available against Hafiz Saeed

Abdul Basit, it's not that there is no evidence against world's most wanted terrorist but truth of the matter is Pakistan Government ignores evidences and doesn't want to arrest him just for their own vested interests. Otherwise how without any proof United States recently named Saeed as a terrorist and his organisation Jamat-ud-Dawa as terrorist organisation. Before that in 2001, the US had declared LeT as Foreign Terrorist Organisation and in 2012, the same country had declared $ 10 million bounty against Hafiz Saeed. All these steps were taken without any proof. On the basis of some evidences, only the United Nations' Security Council had designated him (Hafiz Saeed) a terrorist but Pakistan doesn't want to see it.

India has provided ample proof to convict him but as usual Pakistan has turned a deaf ear to issue saying that the evidence is not sufficient. After facing heat from the International community, Pakistan arrested Hafiz in 2008 but he was released within six months. Since then, Pakistan Government has many times claimed that they have arrested Hafiz Saeed but because of lack of evidence they can't make a criminal proceeding against him.

Pakistan provided crores of monetary aid to JuD

Hafiz Saeed spews venom every other day and the Pakistani Government continues to watch it as a mute spectator. Instead of cracking down, the Government provides monetary aide to JuD to bolster their misdemeanor against India. The PML-N Government of Punjab province, headed by Shahbaz Sharif allocated Rs 6.1 crore to the organisation in the 2013 budget. In addition to that, Rs 35 crore was also given for other development initiatives running under JuD. Similarly, in 2010-2011, 2009-2010 an amount of Rs 7.98 and Rs 8.2 crore was handed over by giving the reason that Islam seminary spends this money on development and social welfare schemes. The argument given by officials that major amount of money is used for maintenance of schools and dispensaries is a white lie. The fact of the matter is that they use this money for terrorist activities right under the nose of Pakistani Government and the authorities does nothing about it.

Hafiz got ISI backing

Not only has that Hafiz Saeed even enjoys immense political clout and patronage from ISI and enough proofs are available for that. In 2012, dreaded terrorist who are responsible for many carnage in India, including 2001 Parliament attack, was seen with Pakistan's top politicians PML-N chairman Raja Zafrul Haq and former Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood in one of the meeting in Lahore. This proves that terrorist Hafiz Saeed and his organisation JuD has complete backing of ISI and this was validated by David Headley, who was arrested in the US in connection with the 26/11 attacks.

"ISI had provided assistance to Lashkar" through military and financial assistance and moral support, Headley had said during his testimony to a Chicago court in 2011.

Now what more evidences Pakistani's High Commissioner is talking about?

Monster will ultimately eat them up

Not only India but whole world knows about Pakistan's blatant lies. Evidences confirm that Pakistan has been tacitly supporting terror activities against India. It's high time Pakistan must now realise that the monster they have been nurturing will ultimately eat them up and the recent spate of attacks in the country is a big example of that. What they should know is, if they will try to burn houses of others, theirs will not stay unharmed. They should not exhaust their energy and money on the terror front, rather they should use it for development purposes. Instead of raising defense budget every year, they should channelise the same money for providing goods and services to their masses who are living in a sorry state.

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