Moral policing on rise in Goa, but only for girls

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If you are planning a vacation to Goa and have packed your bags with some nice skimpy bikinis to wear on Goa's beaches, then you better stop and think again. By doing so you are going against the Goa's culture, rather the Indian culture.

Allegedly, the Goan culture (culture of Goa) does not allow girls to wear short skirts, bikini, mini-skirts, in all the skimpy dresses are a big no no and the culture does not allow girls to go to the nightclubs too.

"Young girls wearing short skirts in nightclubs are a threat to the Goan culture. This habit of young girls wearing short dresses everywhere does not fit the Goan culture. What will happen to it if this continues? We should not allow this. It should be stopped," said Goa's Public Works Department minister Sudin Dhavalikar.

"For their own protection on public beaches, women should not wear bikinis. I am not against wearing bikinis in private places," he further said.
"Our daughters and sisters are getting spoilt. We must stop this," he said.

Dhavalikar fired his next salvo by saying that women in Goa should not drink.

"I appeal to all women in Goa not to drink. It is not good for health also. We will crack down against pubs. Women wear short dresses and go to pubs, they go and drink. This is not good," he said.

Dhavalikar appealed to all women in Goa not to drink, wear short dresses

Mr Dhavilkar what you seem to ignore is that in those pubs and clubs it's not only women who drink, men are also around. So if drinking is not good for the health of women, how different is it for men?

And if you are expecting that the Goa Chief minister will take some action against the his cabinet minister then you must be reminded of this--Parrikar himself landed in hot water with a women's right group in the state for his fracas when he said, "If I rape, I face only one inspector, if I have to start a small industry, then I have to face many inspectors."

If such is the response from the chief minister then what more is to be expected from the ministers below him.

Well if the moral policing is to be done then why only girls are targeted, what about boys who drink? And if crime against women is increasing just because of what attire a girl/women is carrying then what about those incidents where such ignominious incidents occur with small toddlers and girls who are covered from head to toe. What do you have to say about that?

The Goa minister must be reminded of the statement made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who happens to be from his own party, inside the Parliament that ministers, MPs should avoid passing lame statements on sensitive matters, such as rape, and create unnecessary controversies.

The question is why restrictions are put only on girls, why not boys and why our respected leaders and parliamentarians make such vile comments on girls or women? If this is the mindset of our people's representatives, then how will they bring change in the country?

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