Tale of Modi's expensive suit: A desperate attempt by parties to settle score

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Thanks to media that the pinstripe monogrammed suit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, that he wore during US President Barack Obama's visit to India last month is snowballing into a major controversy.

The issue first came to fore during Delhi election, when Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi alleged that Modi wore foreign made suit worth Rs 10 lakh.

Suit controversy- A 'frivolous debate

He also alleged that Modi's 'Make in India' project is a farce as he himself wears suit of foreign brand. An NRI businessman who gifted the suit to PM said that it was not this expensive, but this statement was not enough to assuage media and even political parties.

Maintaining the holier than thou attitude, political parties got salvo to attack BJP. They(parties) alleged that Prime Minister is now conducting auction to subside the controversy.

Taking potshots at the Prime Minister, Congress General Secretary Ajay Maken said, "This is happening three weeks after the suit was worn by Modi... This is a damage control exercise. Damage control of his reputation".

Aam Aadmi Party which still has to prove itself on the political pitch also slammed Modi by saying,"Narendra Modi and the BJP have mastered the art of marketing. The sale of the suit is nothing, but marketing itself"

Look who is talking?

One can understand the predicament of political parties who are attacking Prime Minister on the issue. Their(parties) sagging morale suddenly got spur after BJP got routed at the hands of fledgling Aam Aadmi Party.

They have the impression now that if a rookie party can defeat Saffron brigade and its philosophy, we can also easily do so. But why they are trying to create controversy out of a 'non issue' as if they themselves have an impeccable record on the front.

It is no longer hidden that many of the UPA's Ministers i.e Sushil Shinde, Murli Deora, Praful Patel use to wear costly suits.
Not to forget the abominable act of former Home Minister Shivraj Patil who changed suit thrice during a day and that also when country witnessed a ghastly terror attack.

Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh is also known for throwing up lavish birthday bash in political circle, which costs lakhs of rupees. Last year only he faced fire for importing Victorian buggy worth lakhs for his birthday party.

How Rahul Gandhi calculated the price of 'suit'?
Congress vice president who is known for making series of bloopers alleged that suit was of Rs 10 lakh. But the big question is why nobody asked him how did he get to know the real price. On one of the TV channels yesterday, anchor was repeatedly asking BJP leader to reveal the exact price of the suit. But why the same anchor didn't show the courage to ask Congressmen how they are so sure of the 'exact' price.

Isn't the suit controversy frivolous?
The way media gave coverage to the controversy, it is being proved that the fourth pillar of Democracy is devoid of genuine issues concerning the 'Aam Aadmi'. Rather than adding fuel to fire, media could have put a full stop on rising controversy. Instead, media could talk about 'reality check' of Modi Government. What they did in nine months and how their pet projects i.e Jan Dhan Yojna, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan are impacting the lives of common men.

Well intentioned auction was politicized
The suit which kicked up a political storm, is being auctioned along with 455 other items to generate funds for the Prime Minister's ambitious 'Clean Ganga Mission'. But ironically, Congress men are seeing something fishy in this noble act too. They are terming this as damage control exercise, though they must have an idea that Modi is known for his magnanimous act. It is not the first time that Modi Government is auctioning items which he received as gift. Earlier, being Gujarat chief minister, he had raised Rs 89.96 crore by auctioning all gifts and donated this to the Kanya Kelavani Fund.

Opposition should not oppose each and every step of Government
Modi Government has already learnt a big lesson that people can't be taken for granted. They faced the consequences for the same in the Delhi election. But recently, Government took many progressive steps like talking assertively on issues concerning the minorities. He gave all Hindu fringe elements a stern warning that they need to talk cautiously.
Parties should oppose Government's move which will harm common men, but taking anti stand just for the sake of it is really shameful. It ultimately erode party's credibility.

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