Modi-led BJP in driver's seat again in Assembly elections: 5 big takeaways from exit poll results

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Modi-led BJP
It seems Prime Minister Narendra Modi's magic is still on and hasn't lost its charm as critics say. All the exit polls have predicted that the BJP will be in drivers seat in the Assembly elections. And big thing is that saffron party is getting this feat on its own, without any alliances. This proves the prowess of Modi-led troops.

In Maharashtra, where the fight is four-pronged between BJP, Sena, Congress and NCP, the saffron party is taking a lead in all the three poll surveys by the Chanakya, the ABP-Nielsen and India TV C-voter.

In Haryana too BJP is ruling the roost, leaving INLD, Congress and others behind. Though, only one survey (Chanakya) has predicted that BJP will get the magic number in 90-seats Assembly.

Big achievement for BJP

It is really a big thing that saffron party will most likely form Government in both Maharashtra and Haryana on its own. And this is because they never ruled these states which is like a bastion of Congress party. In Haryana BJP was part of Janta party Government in 1970s.

Though, way back in 1995, BJP along with Shiv Sena had formed the Government in Maharashtra, but BJP on its own never achieved this feat. But much water has flown since then.

Modi-Shah jodi hit

Especially in recent years, the BJP have added one feather after another in their cap with the right direction and leadership of Narendra Modi, while Shiv Sena lost its charm completely. And the reason could be like party patriarch Bal Thackeray died, then MNS got formed.

Moreover, Uddhav Thackeray doesn't have the same aggression and charm as Thackeray senior had. After wrangling over some issues, though many termed as a ego fight, both BJP and Sena went to their separate ways. And that also at the time when the big day was leass than away.

Both put onus on each other for backstabbing. But they knew that after ending their 25-years alliance, both will have to work tirelessly to get victory. Amit Shah, who is known as master strategist of BJP with his proven track record in Lok Sabha election, one again proved his mettle. In spite of busy schedule of Prime Minister , Shah planned Modi's rally in meticulously way. And that ultimately bore the fruits. It is now proven that Modi-Shah jodi is hit.

Big message for Uddhav Thackeray

Almost all exit poll predicts that Shiv sena will be number two, followed by NCP and others. Imagine the predicament of the party who was adamant on its position that it will not act as junior partner of BJP in the State.

But then Uddhav Thackeray will have to leave with bruished ego, as people of the State didn't buy his school of thought. Though, his party hasn't reacted over the survey but they must be weary about the result. They might be praying that BJP doesn't get majority so that they could come along on the board again.

BJP needs to grooms other away with Modi's magic 

Though the thumping victory of BJP once again will prove that Modi's magic is still continued. He wrested out victory from Opposition. But somewhere this is matter of big concern for BJP, where there is no leader who has this mass appeal.

BJP doesn't have big leaders in Haryana and even in Maharashtra. After Pramod Mahajan and Gopinath Munde, there is lull of big leaders in the Maharashtra.

Even there are some so called leaders, but they don't have this mass appeal. So, it's time BJP needs to think seriously on this front. Only, Modi-Shah can't win every game. BJP must groom leaders in states who have this Modi like Charisma, on whom party can bank upon.

Congress hasn't learnt a lesson

Almost all poll survey has put Congress in last position. It means, Congress will again face humiliating defeat in both the states, which were once their fiefdom.

It again raisea big question mark about the fate of the party, which has not improved since its rout in Lok Sabha election. It's leadership in complete mess. Future Prime Minister of the party Rahul Gandhi doesn't know how and when to rise to occasion.

He doesn't have leadership qualities and that has been proved. Party is in moribund State and noone is doing anything to resuscitate it. Probably, the achhe din is very very far away for this Nehru-Indira party.

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