Modi govt completes 1 year: “Acche din” are yet to come for these politicians

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On May 16, 2014, Narendra Modi-led NDA witnessed a landslide victory, creating history. Before Lok Sabha elections 2014, Modi and other BJP leaders campaigned in every nook and corner of the country, to ensure common people of India that "Acche Din Aane Wale Hain" (Good days are about to come).

In past 12 months, there are many who believe that good days have arrived for them, but obviously, opposition party leaders are still looking for acche din.


Here let's take a look at some politicians, who made comments over "acche din" in last twelve months:

Sonia Gandhi: "Let me ask, what is the reality of the achche din, the Prime Minister promised? Lower petrol prices? We all know they are because of falling international prices, over which they have no control and for which they deserve no credit. Behind the smokescreen of development the government is providing acche din only for crony capitalists."

Rahul Gandhi: "Acche din have not come for people but for Modi, who is visiting different countries. Good days have come only for four/five businessmen, who are Modi's friends."

Digvijay Singh: "So called "good days" have come only for a handful of big industrialists close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and not for the common man."

Mani Shankar Aiyar: "Acche din kahan acchi raat bhi nahi aayin,koi so nahi pa raha, bijli nahi hai" (Where are good days, even good nights have not come, as there is no electricity, noone is able to sleep).

"With no more money from the Centre at the disposal of the states than they had earlier, states are being conned into believing ki achche din aa gaye hain when the reality is ki wahi burre din badle nahin."

Manish Tewari: "The truth of the last 100 days is that the people of India have understood that the dreams of 'Achche Din' shown by the BJP were not for the people of India, but for the BJP."

Nitish Kumar: "Nobody knows when the 'achhe din' of national highways will come."

Akhilesh Yadav: "The budget has brought 'Acche Din' for those who were already enjoying 'Acche Din'. It remains a question when will 'Acche Din' come for those who waiting for it eagerly".

Arvind Kejriwal: "This government is busy in religious reconversion and making temples of Nathuram Godse. They have forgotten the promises they made in the polls. They want girls wearing jeans to be banned."

Anna Hazare: "Achchhe din, which was a campaign theme of BJP during Lok Sabha elections, has come "only for industrialists" since he (PM Narendra Modi) assumed office.

Shiv Sena: "We will continue to find poor children standing on roads, below flyovers, near signals on railway stations and outside restaurants with hands on their stomach. What will happen to these children ? When will 'Acche Din' (good days) really come for them."

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