Modi: Forget the rags to riches story, the 'Victory Wall' says it all

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Modi Wall
New Delhi, May 16: Criticise Modi, our would-be Prime Minister, as much as you can, but India has witnessed a historic Lok Sabha polls that would be remembered down the ages. And thanking the nation for the victory, he launched a victory wall for the common man to share their good wishes.

In clear words, the wall is flooding with messages and blessings, hoping for a secured future.

While some of them appreciated the work that Modi did in Gujarat, there were others who were enthusaistic of what was in store. Interestingly, most of the messages were posted by the youth, implying that the young generation really needed a change in terms of employment, business, development, finance and more. There were some who even reminded the leader of his duties now.


@uma747: I congratulate u on ur victory, however i shall remind u 1 thing that the entire country has trusted u.. hope you fufill.

@SantoshVisit: Best Wishes Narendra Modi! Looking forward to your leadership to prosper our nation!

@MeraIndiaMahan: Ab 5 Saal tak chain ki neend So Sakte h dosto :D

@abh_manu2: @narendramodi In next few years India will be number1 country in the world

@sonal6462: we are so honoured to hav u as our PM. All we xpct from u is development in evry phase of rural n urban INDIA.

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