Modi Emerges as India’s Putin, Makes both Pakistan and West Nervous

By: Pathikrit
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Modi and Putin
So what is the common thing between the left leaning know-all self certified Superior West and Pakistan? Well, both are jittery about the prospect of Narendra Modi becoming the Prime Minister of India since both have always preferred weak, myopic, self serving and pacifist regimes to govern India. Modi is very opposite of that in every respect and thus he is making both the West and Pakistan nervous. In Modi, it seems both the West and Pakistan see the emergence of a powerful nationalist leader like Vladimir Putin. And that is an unnerving proposition for many.

The Sinister Campaign of Economist on behalf of Western Interest

Last month, The Economist had come out with one of the most partial, one sided diatribe against Modi titled ‘Can Anyone Stop Narendra Modi?' That article by The Economist was filled with one sided tirade, half-truths, lopsided logic and casting of aspersion on even the Supreme Court for giving clean chit to Narendra Modi. The tone of the article seemed to be aimed at questioning the intellect of the average Indian for preferring Modi over others.

The article did all it could to malign and defame Narendra Modi, and true to typical British style, (The Economist is published from London) had some recommendations for the Indians, who they have ruled for centuries and plundered. The Economist recommended Rahul Gandhi as a better choice for India by similarly ignoring all the issues of scam, corruption, inflation and lack of governance. Much like what the British did 65 years back in terms of imposing a new ruler on India, the London based Economist tried to do the same now.

Perhaps the magazine's London based writers had forgotten that the British had left India more than 65 years back and that India today is an independent country with its own self sufficient economy and populace knowledgeable enough to know what to do and that none had sought any advice whatsoever from the know-all writers of London based magazine.

Rattled Pakistan makes all Kinds of Wrong Noises...

In the same league, Pakistan's Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan made an obnoxious statement that Narendra Modi is a threat to regional peace. Strange though as it is that the nation which has made a special name for itself through its specialisation in spreading terrorism, narcotics and fake currencies is now concerned now about regional peace.

On Modi's statement about hunting down Dawood Ibrahim, the Pakistani Minister stated, ‘Such provocative and condemnable statement from the leader of a major political party is touching the last limit of enmity towards Pakistan," He further stated, ‘Pakistani leadership, people and particularly armed forces have the right and power to reciprocate the expression of sentiments coming from across the border."

Interestingly even as Pakistan has been making bizarre comments about Modi, a report by US State Department Country Reports on Terrorism 2013 stated that ‘India remained severely affected by and vulnerable to terrorism from Pakistan-based groups and their affiliates.'

What Modi had actually stated....

In the first place Modi had never even mentioned about Pakistan and had only talked about Dawood Ibrahim, the fugitive terror mastermind and that too because a journalist had asked him about the issue of India's Home Minister going public about India's collaboration with US on nabbing Dawood Ibrahim, on which Modi had stated that the Indian Home Minister reflected lack of maturity and that he should not have gone public with such information.

Modi had questioned in that interview if US had got success in killing Osama Bin Laden if it had gone public with its operational plans before launching it. There was no mention of Pakistan made by Modi and yet Pakistan got rattled. There can only be one conclusion from the same that Dawood Ibrahim is very much present in Pakistan and the Pakistani establishment is nervous about an unwavering and no-nonsense Modi regime taking Pakistan to task.

The statement by the Interior Minister of Pakistan was followed by an equally controversial statement made by Pakistan Army Chief General Raheel Sharif who stated that Kashmir is the jugular vein of Pakistan.

Pakistan Prefers UPA to Modi- No Doubt about That...

In the hindsight, one wonders what exactly makes Pakistan so jittery about Modi and his style of governance? The Pakistani establishment knows pretty well how much it has taken the Indian Government for a ride for almost ten years now and perhaps Pakistan has become used to the UPA style of either remaining mute, look the other way or raise the peace bogey as well as the fear of a nuclear war to avoid any action or strong response to all the kinds of nuisance Pakistan has been doing to India for long.

In the last 10 years, Pakistan has been responsible for several terror attacks on Indian soil in addition to instances of intrusions by the Pakistani Army as well as ambush and beheading of the Indian Army personnel by Pakistani Special Forces.)

For the last 10 years Pakistan has got too much used to dealing with such Indian Ministers who show immense respect and address even dreaded terror masterminds like Hafeez Sayeed of Lashkar e Taiba as Shri Hafeez Sayeed and such Congress leaders who term Osama as Osama Ji and Hafeez Sayeed as Hafeez Sayeed Saheb (Sic!!!)

For the last 10 years, Pakistan has got too much used to such Indian Defence Ministers like AK Anthony who, in spite of gruesome ambush and beheading of Indian Soldiers by Pakistani Army, openly came in defence of Pakistan army by claiming that it was not the Pakistani Army but terrorists in Pakistan Army uniform killed Indian soldiers. For the last 10 years, Pakistan has got used to Prime Ministers like Manmohan Singh who would rather timidly sign a sickening document like that of the Sharm el Shaikh Agreement with the then Pakistan Prime Minister.

A decisive and powerful India under Modi is Pakistan's Nightmare

Pakistan's biggest worry is that with the arrival of Modi regime, all this may change. In the first place, Modi is for sure going to go for massive modernisation of the armed forces and augment India's arsenal, something that has been systematically neglected for the last several years now, to the extent that India's ammunition reserve to fight a war is merely for twenty days now and its armed forces have been grappling with severe lack of adequate weapon systems and spare parts,

Be it Pakistan or the Western nations, their biggest fear is the emergence of a Vladimir Putin like leader in India. And they see a kind of a strong leader like Putin in Modi. The self certified supremacist West and especially the European states who colonised the world for long, have never wanted strong leaders to emerge in Asia or Africa. In case of India, Britain's revulsion and utter dislike for the likes of Netaji Subhas Bose or Sardar Patel is not a secret.

Modi may Revive India as Putin did in Russia- That makes the West Anxious

Putin's emergence more than one and a half decade back as the President of Russia, metamorphosed a decaying and collapsing Russia into an economic and military powerhouse once more, which has literally become an impregnable fortress for the Europeans and the Americans who are otherwise known for their poking nose habits. The recent series of incidents in Ukraine exemplified how Russia's Vladimir Putin brought the European Union down to their knees and exposed their bluffs by showing that neither Europe has the economy nor the military might to challenge Russia and it has alarmed many of those erstwhile power blocs. Further, Putin has been ruthless in dealing with terrorism.

The predicament for the West and Pakistan is perhaps that they know it for sure that Modi has similar Putin like capability to metamorphose India into an economic and military powerhouse through a series of tough measures and steps which would help India leverage and unleash its real potential. It is this thought that is unnerving Pakistan and many others.

Pakistan knows it well that if another 26/11 happens during Modi's regime, India would not remain mute, timid and avoid any response as it did during Manmohan Singh's regime. Pakistan knows that if Modi arrives, orchestrating another major terror attack on India would mean massive and ruthless response in return.

The West should better mind its own Economy

Those who have waged needless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, those who advocated needless invasion and bombing in Libya and supported rogue terror groups in Syria, those whose own economies are in serious trouble, should ideally take care of their own decaying economies and collapsing social discord. Instead of that, the snobbish self certified intellectuals of Europe use their mouthpiece like Economist to needlessly advocate what Indian voters should do.

Modi's emergence is good news for those who want to witness an economically strong and a militarily resilient India who would once more regain her rightful place in the global arena. And that is the bad news for Pakistan and the West.

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