Mere excuses won’t cure politicos’ foot in mouth syndrome

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Mamata snapped at media by saying, What do you want me to do about him (Tapas Pal), kill him?
It seems that these days our peoples' representatives are suffering from the foot in mouth syndrome. And the latest addition to the list was Tapas Pal, an MP from Mamata didi's Trinamool Congress. He threatened his opponents with his revolver and also said if anyone touches TMC's men then he would not spare anyone and would send his men to rape opponents women. By saying so he breached all norms of moral codes.

There are many more warhorses like our Goa PWD Minister, the SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav, his son Akhilesh Yadav and many more. All of them at some point of time have talked about rapes and women's attire in very demeaning ways. Why our respected leaders make such statements which is eventually lowering their value in the hearts and minds of people who elect them. When such statements come from our people's representatives, who carry enormous responsibility, it really raises many questions. Just because they are at powerful positions, does that mean that they will not bat an eye anymore and say any and everything which is not morally correct?

Politicians shouldn’t say any and everything which is morally incorrect

It is the same people who had two years back, when an incident of rape with a paramediacal student had shocked the whole country and triggered national outrage, said that there should be stringent anti-rape laws and zero tolerance should be practised. Now the very same people are making such demeaning references to rape in their conversation to the public. Why isn't the zero tolerance practiced with these powerful people who get away easily even after making such remarks?

Why no action so far?

When the actor turned MP, Tapas Pal made such a remark, why wasn't he thrown straight out on his ear. Why TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee didn't take any strict action? Why wasn't an FIR lodged against Pal and why wasn't he thrown behind the bars for making such vile comments? If the same would have been done by a common man, things would have really been very different. Not to be forgotten the case when a professor was arrested by the same Mamata administration for making a mockery of TMC government's policies.

Shocking was the reaction of our West Bengal Chief Minister this time as well when she snapped at media and said, "What do you want me to do about him(Tapas Pal), kill him?" when she was asked what action will she take on Tapas Pal.

Amidst the row over Tapas Pal's controversial remarks even Abhijeet Mukherjee, who came in limelight for his "dented painted" remark said, "Since Tapas Pal has apologised and his party has forgiven him, the matter should end here."

He further went on to say, "I have seen in newspapers that he has apologised. It is a controversial matter. Such kind of comment should not have been made. It happens due to slip of tongue."

Really, just a slip of tongue Mr Mukherjee?

It is expected from a Parliamentarian to think twice before speaking on any controversial issue and a mere excuse of ‘slip of tongue' is not acceptable.

Time for the Parliament to step in:

As per the code of conduct for our parliamentarians, in order to maintain the highest traditions in Parliamentary life, Members of Parliament are expected to observe a certain standard of conduct, both inside and outside the house. Their behaviour should be such as to enhance the dignity of Parliament and its members in general. The conduct of members should not be contrary to the usage, or derogatory to the dignity of the House or in any way inconsistent with the standards which Parliament is entitled to expect of its members.

If this is the case, why is no action taken against these ‘responsible' people who make such cavalier statements and let their party as well as their people down? Why can't our political class self-regulate themselves and control their slipping tongues and prevent such references in their political discourse?

If zero tolerance is expected on crimes against women, then the zero tolerance should also be practised against those who advocate it publicly. Throwing the book at all such politicians would be a very good idea as it would signal that the political class is not a separate category of privileged people who can get away with such despicable conduct.

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