Meghalaya's boundary dispute with Assam

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Meghalaya and Assam's boundary dispute has reached such a level that Meghalaya has sought intervention of Home Minister Rajnath Singh to sort it out. Tensions occasionally develop along the inter-state border, which sometimes flare up into the incidents of violence especially between Assam and Nagaland.

Thankfully despite having 12 areas of dispute between then Assam and Meghalaya both have not allowed violence to flare up. Dispute areas between the two states stretch in the Khasi-Jaintia and Ri-Bhoi district. Both the states have been having meetings at the Chief Secretary level from time to time to solve the boundary dispute.


Till now both the sides have been sharing documents to prove their claim over the disputed area.

Meghalaya's side of story:

As per Chief Secretary of the state WMS Pariat, "It is a major issue as far as cadastral surveyed maps are concerned as we have very little documents on this account. We don't have the sort of maps that Assam possesses and that is making our task difficult".

Mr. Pariat further informed that, "The Assam side have sought clarification on many of these maps and recently too we have sent clarification to support our claim over certain areas".
Meghalaya has been presenting its case with "historical and electoral documents" during its discussion with Assam.

Mr. Pariat further added that one of the major achievements of the Chief Secretary level talks is that though it tool long thanks to such talks for the first time both the states have started sharing documents in support of their claims over the areas under dispute.

A problem that was highlighted by Mr. Pariat was that in areas such as Langpih and others underdevelopment has aggravated the situation as in such areas people have moved to either side of the boundary to get developmental assistance.

To bring in early solution to the issue the Government of Meghalaya has started allocating specific fund for the development of areas under dispute. Previously government only used to allocate funds to develop region along the international border.

Mr. Pariat further informed that, "Initiatives to develop road connectivity and other assets are being taken up by the State Government proactively in the past two years".

Assam's side of story:

Assam has been presenting its case with proper cadastral maps to prove its claim over the disputed areas.

Assam minister Bhumidhar Barman informed the Assam assembly that, "Over 314 bighas of land in Guwahati have been under the encroachment of Meghalaya. Efforts are on to free the land in accordance with the Assam Land Revenue Rules 1886."

Central government's intervention sought in past too:

In March 2011 the Meghalaya Assembly had passed a resolution seeking Central Government to form a Boundary Commission that would resolve all the areas of differences between the two states.

However, Assam Legislative Assembly passed a counter resolution that did not want the formation of Boundary Commission.

Post this Home Minister had held meeting with the Chief Ministers of both the states and it was decided that the states hold the Chief Secretary level talks.

When the Survey of India published maps omitting 153 villages along the Khasi Jaintia Hills a major controversy had irrupted. The Survey of India in its defence said that the maps were prepared on the interpretation of the North-Eastern Areas (Reorganisation) Act, 1971.

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