Media sensation: Will we remember DK Ravi if India win the World Cup?

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Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Monday officially handed over the probe in the mysterious death of IAS officer DK Ravi to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The media said the Congress government in Karnataka ultimately perished under pressure.

The opposition BJP also found a great opportunity to gain some mileage in the entire episode. Other quarters have been raising other questions on the matter.

Will we remember DK Ravi if Ind win WC?

Handing over probe to CBI is a convenient route for India's ruling parties

Whether Ravi died because of political or personal reason, we don't yet know so far and in these cases, the best consolation that we generally have in India is by handing over everything to the CBI. That's a convenient step for ruling parties in India, unless it jeopardises their own interests (as we have seen with West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee, her way of preferring the CBI conveniently).

Will the case be remembered if India win WC 2015?

Now, the question is: How far will this death issue go after its handing over to the central investigation agency? And in case India win the World Cup Down Under on March 29, will the DK Ravi case ring any bell ever again?

The DK Ravi death case is a classic case where the media succeeded in making a regional issue a national one and went on milking it just because there is no other big thing happening across the board.

Sensational DK Ravi death case: Media has no other issues, hence...

The snowballing sensation also exposes the media's inability in penetrating the government of Narendra Modi and dig out micro-details of his governance machinery. Hence, all the focus has gone into the mysterious death of an IAS officer.

The channels are apparently showing great concern for the late officer by slamming 'motives to defame' him (as some angles of extra-marital affair have also surfaced), but actually they are loving to focus on these angles for they assure them added minutes of viewers' loyalty. Even people have been named openly to feed the human preference for sensation more.

What a shameful state of affairs.

But all these hollow fight for justice and credibility will evaporate if Mahendra Singh Dhoni's men lift their second consecutive world title in Melbourne on March 29. That is how the sensationalist media of this country functions.

How many probe into deaths of bureaucrats have reached a logical conclusion till date?

Ravi is not the first honest bureaucrat who has died in this country and in all the past cases, these deaths have only been politicised till the next big event unfolded.

Media is highlighting the DK Ravi because there is no other issue to focus on

The shocking deaths of individuals who took on the corrupt system in the past have been forgotten with time and opposition parties have tried to utilise these deaths for their own electoral interests. There is no doubt that Ravi's case will also be an addition to those piling up files. The ground reality will not change a bit.

Hence, our earnest appeal to the media is to stop running meaningless trials on their shows that do more harm to our social psychology by fuelling cynicism and hatred.

If Ravi died because of some political vendetta, it is those in power who has to own responsibility to punish the culprits. If he had died due to some personal reason, let us leave the family and the affected people alone and not make it a messy affair.

2015 is a dry year as hardly any election or sport events after WC & IPL: So media has to go on milking these cases

2015 is a dry year for there are not many scheduled events like election (except Bihar) or sports (after World Cup it's just the IPL) so to run the show, the media has to keep on using sudden incidents like Ravi's death. But by over-stretching a tragedy just for commercial gains and bury it the moment the next big thing happens, the national media of this country is violating all norms of objective journalism.

Will the media carry on the crusade for Ravi's justice in case his death has a political reason with the same intensity even if India win the World Cup? Will be waiting to see.

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