Maulana Masood Azhar detained: Good news, but also read in between the lines

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Pakistan has conveyed to India that all action relating to the Pathankot attack is being taken. One of the better news that Pakistan has provided India that it appears to be serious about acting against Jaish-e-Mohammad chief, Maulana Masood Azhar.

The wording has changed this time. After the Pathankot attack, Pakistan had said that it had detained Azhar. However Pakistan also added the word "Protective" against detention which left many of us confused.

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Maulana Masood Azhar detained

However, this time around Pakistan has conveyed to India that he has been detained.

Currently Pakistan can only detain Azhar. The decision to put him to trial can be taken only once the investigations are complete. The Pakistan team of investigators who are probing the Pathankot attack is examining the evidence shared by India.

India has stated that Azhar had masterminded the attack. The man from Bhawalpur, Pakistan had ordered the attack, India has also said. However Pakistan has not confirmed any direct role by Azhar and says that the investigations are on.

The detention of Azhar is good news says an NIA officer. It will help the probe a great deal as he will not be out in the open to influence the probe, the officer also added.

However beware of the trick

In the case of a detention, it could be done without charges. Moreover detentions are done for a variety of reasons ranging from preventive to protective.

A technicality that Pakistan rides on The news relating to Maulana Masood's arrest is very similar what we got to witness with Hafiz Saeed after the Mumbai 26/11 attack.

Following an attack of such a magnitude, there is pressure on Pakistan from various quarters to take action against the masterminds of the attack.

If one were to see the manner in which Pakistan acts in such situations, it becomes clear that they take the likes of Saeed or Azhar into protective custody. Pakistan's minister Rana Sanaulla even confirmed that Azhar had been taken into protective custody.

Protective custody could mean anything. It could either be to protect him from a drone hit or an attempt to prevent him from planning another attack. Indian officials say that this is always a technicality that Pakistan relies on from time to time.

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