Mathura episode showed how State creates Frankenstein & then nails it

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He called himself a loyalist of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and he had the dream of making Mathura's Jawahar Bagh a sovereign country!

He also made up his own private army and named it as Azad Hind Fauj on the name of the legendary freedom fighter's army which had aimed to make India free from British occupation.

mathura violence

Ram Vriksh Yadav, the mastermind behind the horrific clashes with the police in Mathura in UP on June 2 which killed a superintendent of police, was confirmed dead by the state police on Saturday but his functioning and dream speak volumes about the internal threats that India's social life faces.

Ram Vriksh Yadav's story

Ram Vriksh, who belonged to Gazipur in eastern UP, was driven out from his home town for alleged involvement in anti-social activities. He then went to Mathura to do milk business but soon after it failed, Yadav took shelter in the ashram of a self-proclaimed guru called Tulsidas Yadav alias Jai Gurudev, along with his family. Yadav was liked by the guru but in 2010, he was expelled from the ashram by the disappointed guru. He was recalled later.

The cult was against polls because democracy doesn't approve of anarchy

After the death of the guru in 2012, the followers of Ram Vriksh started believing that the former's soul has entered the latter. Since the guru claimed himself to be the avatar of Subhas Bose, the logical conclusion was that following his death, it is Ram Vriksh who became the latest avatar of Bose and he would become the ashram's head. A power struggle followed soon between Ram Vrikhs and his opponents as a result of which he was shown the door once again.

Thereafter, Ram Vriksh formed his own Swadhin Bharat Vidhik Satyagrah and vowed to finish the task left by Netaji. He also put his armed wing under the command of a Bengali called Chandan Bose.

The cult and the patronage gave Ram Vriksh a golden chance to flex his muscle

Ram Vriksh's power in and around Mathura went on increasing in the subsequent years, thanks to the patronage of the Samajwadi Party (SP), which came to power around the same time.

Ram Vriksh became close to Shivpal Singh Yadav, the state's PWD minister and brother of SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav. The man flexed his muscle in January 2014 when he and his supporters took occupation of 300 acres in Jawahar Bagh area after entering it in the name of staging a two-day protest against price rise. And it continued for two-and-half years till the climax was reached on Thursday.

Cult gives the goons an organised identity---something which threatens the society

Ram Vriksh combined the Netaji cult with his own ambition to become powerful and kept on amassing arms right under the nose of the administration and no action was taken, even after the gang attacked some administrative officials after they entered the area in April 2014.

Ram Vriksh's activities went on under the nose of the administration; yet no step was taken

No action was taken even after local intelligence reports warned against the growing number of encroachers. Encouraged by the administration's inaction, Ram Vriksh virtually aimed a 'free area' for his functioning on lines of the Maoists. Arms were being provided from Badaun and outsiders were being invited to make his support base strong.

The matter turned for the worse for Ram Vriksh only after the Allahabad High Court asked the administration to free Jawahar Bagh.

The police did not comply in the beginning but had to act after the court reprimanded it and gave orders again. Meanwhile, sensing trouble, Ram Vriksh also approached the court and sought possession of the area on the ground that it was not being maintained properly by the state government. But his plea was rejected and his organisation was slapped with a fine of Rs 50,000.

And then the violence occurred.

Netaji Subhas Bose was just a pawn for a outfit which sought power and influence

The Mathura episode has shown the lurking danger. When the state turns a blind eye to criminalisation of the society and allows a goon culture to thrive in the guise of a cult (here Subhas Bose's cult was being used to justify a criminal culture), then even the law-keepers find it difficult to control it.

If this culture is not tackled, the Army will be required to reintegrate areas 'freed' by the armed goons on lines of extremists

If this tendency persists, the day will not be far when we will see the Army being deployed to re-occupy areas 'freed' by organised goons.

The nexus between godmen-politicians-administrators have created such a danger for the Indian state today. If this evil alliance is not broken, more Mukul Dwivedis and Santosh Kumar Yadavs will be sacrificed at the altar of a dysfunctional democracy.

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