Manohar Parrikar suggests 'Killing terrorists with terrorists'

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Fighting terror with terror seems to be a good option. The Defence Minister, Manohar Parrikar hinted that there was an operation underway to fight terrorists.

He further stated at an event that there was a need to neutralize terrorists through terrorists. Why can't we do it, he asked while also posing the question, " why should soldiers have to do it?"

Killing terrorists with terrorists

The statement by Parrikar reminds us of how the underworld was handled in Mumbai long ago where gangs were pitched against each other. This strategy worked wonders as the gang wars ensured that the members ended up killing each other.

Can terrorists be fought with terrorists

One must remember that terrorists may have a common agenda, but when it comes to unity there is none. The ISI which funds terror on Indian soil has been facing a torrid time off late and has not been able to keep the terrorists united.

Groups such as the Lashkar-e-Tayiba and the Tehrik-e-Taliban or the Al-Qaeda and the ISIS do not see eye to eye. There is a constant battle for supremacy and if this tussle is used well, then there is a good chance of terrorists fighting terrorists.

How can a terrorist help?

Terror groups keep a close watch on their enemies. They have plenty of intelligence and know each others weaknesses. Moreover there is a lot of infiltration that happens between terror groups and the members coming in bring in the secrets too.

Terror groups tend to use this information against each other. Moreover these terror groups in a bid to attain supremacy will fight each other tooth and nail. The biggest advantage is that one enemy is killing the other and India would not have to bear the cost.

India can handle the rest

In the movie Sathya, which has attained a cult status in India for depicting the underworld of Mumbai so well, there is a dialogue which goes on to say, " let them fight against each other, the rest we will handle." The dialogue was by Paresh Rawal who played the police commissioner in the movie.

If India serious considers the terrorists vs terrorists option then it would need to ensure that one group does not become so strong that it turns out to be a headache for the Indian security forces.

While the terrorists will battle each other, the Intelligence Bureau and the army especially in Jammu and Kashmir will have to continue keeping a close tab.

India will need to ensure that one group does not become so strong that it turns out to be a Frankenstein monster. Additionally India must also ensure that it does not take sides and if it does, the situation could blow out of control and we could face a situation like what the ISI is facing today.

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