Mamata punishes former TMC MLA: To divert focus from Saradha, terror?

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Mamata punishes former MLA
Is Mamata Banerjee more effective as the chief of the Trinamool Congress (TMC) than the chief minister of West Bengal? The latest developments in the state hint at such a question.

The administration and the police in Bengal are turning increasingly fragile with each passing day. There is no stopping to political clashes and the spreading terror modules in the state, irrespective of the chief minister's assurances and preachings since she took over in May 2011. On Tuesday, Banerjee took the step of expelling a former MLA and a strongman Arabul Islam from the party for six years. The decision to expel Islam and his aide Jahangir Khan Chowdhury was announced by the state's education minister, Partha Chatterjee, who was known to be the mentor of the expelled!

Is Mamata Banerjee showing her 'just' side to divert attention from bigger issues?

But how much helpful will this 'decisive' step be for Mamata Banerjee? The step was nothing but a desperate attempt to rescue the ruling party's image that has taken a serious beating in the last three-and-half years owing to a number of factors. But the facts that Banerjee's administration has not taken any step against Islam who is accused of fuelling problem in the Bhangar area in South 24 Parganas district of the state and the chief minister made no efforts to rein in other leaders of the party, including an MP, who recently threatened to get women from the Opposition raped by his party members prove that the latest episode is just an eyewash.

It is perhaps an attempt to divert attention from two serious issues, namely, the Saradha chit fund scam and the terror links between Bengal and Bangladesh that have raised serious question on Banerjee's administration.

Under Banerjee, Bengal has become free-for-all

In the last three-and-half years, Banerjee's Bengal has turned into free-for-all. Those close to the supremo have been given the licence to do whatever they felt to do and that has seen deadly nexus of businessmen-journalists-politicians causing immense harm to the state and its people.

The free licence has given the low-rung goons and strongmen of the TMC the right to run amuk without a minimum resistance from the law-enforcing agency which is headed by none other than the chief minister herself. In this anarchical heaven, expecting Bengal to make a minimum progress in the field of economy is nothing short of daydreaming.

Banerjee's administration has fallen apart

Mamata Banerjee's administration has fallen apart and one of the main reason for this debacle is her party's utter vulnerability. The TMC's sole motive was to see the end of the Left and once that was accomplished, there was a huge necessity for the party to rediscover itself but it failed because the elements that it featured never had the idea about healthy and democratic politics because the only political pattern that they have seen in their formative years was the one-sided domination of the Left.

The party and the entire administration have become dependent on the only leader of the party people can connect to but even she has started to struggle now. The result: Dissent by senior leaders of her own party. [Read: TMC MP flays party, says it's a party of extortionists]

'Difference' has no visible impact in the Bengal politics for there is no hope for any fresh thought or action. Punishing one Arabul Islam, similarly, doesn't make a difference in the life of the average Bengalis.

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