Mamata Banerjee's AAP tweet: A varied opinion from 2013

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Support Aam Admi Party in the Delhi elections was a tweet put out by Mamata Banerjee. "My request to all of you in Delhi to please vote for AAP. For the greater need of the country and development in Delhi," was the tweet by the Chief Minster of West Bengal.

It is quite ironic that Mamata Banerjee would tweet in favour of the Aam Admi Party (AAP) especially when there was a clear message to her party workers in 2013 not to discuss the AAP in public at all.

Kejriwal and Mamata

While it is a simple case of enemy of an enemy is a friend, it appears as though Mamata is trying to build up a support base in Delhi in the form of the AAP.

It is a well know fact that the Trinamool Congress has its own share of problems raging from the Saradha scam to people quitting her party.

Split open:

Earlier during the Srinjoy Bose resigned from the TMC and also from his Rajya Sabha membership. The tweet comes a a few hours after that took place.

Moreover, the TMC also is having its own share of problems with Mukul Roy who is clearly upset with the party, not really over the Saradha issue, but after the Mamata Banerjee's nephew Abhishek Banerjee was promoted right up the order.

Mamata Banerjee currently has too many enemies both within and outside her party. The BJP, Congress or the CPI(M) are clearly not her friends and at the moment the best hope that she has is in the AAP.

Blood is thicker than water:

Many believe that Mukul Roy's statements about the meeting between Mamata and Sudipta Sen at Kalimpong were a result of him having a conscience attack.

However ever since Mamata chose to give a lot of powers to Abhishek Banerjee, it has not gone down too well with Mukul Roy and several others.

Mukul Roy was one of the primary architects of the party whose influence was found in the grass root levels.

However, with Abhisek getting the better piece of the pie, there appears to be a major split in the party.

Roy has not come out of the party as yet, but there are indications that he may try and split it. He has the support of several leaders within the party and the likes of Soumitra Khan, Anupam Hazra Sunil Mondal and Dasarath Tirkey back him to the hilt.

TMC stand on AAP:

It was the year 2013. The AAP was trying to made inroads into West Bengal and Kolkata in particular. An event in Kolkata was held in 2013 where in 300 persons turned up for a rally organized by AAP.

This meeting although had a small gathering still caused a bit of a concern for the TMC. During the meetings that were held of the TMC, the topic did come up for discussion and many had said that they cannot let the AAP grow.

Mamata was more worried that the AAP could eat into her vote share in the Lok Sabha elections. However the AAP did not fare too well in West Bengal. She was worried that the urban vote may swing in the favour of the Aam Admi Party.

However the TMC decided that while they will curb the growth of the AAP in West Bengal, the best way to do it is not speak about them in public.

Mamata had at that point in time directed all the TMC leaders not to discuss AAP in public.

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