Of all things, major Indian daily finds Kate's flying skirt very important news item

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It seems prioritising news is the least priority of India's leading media houses. As business has taken over journalism in media, the focus of the so-called keepers of conscience has gone from worse to worst. [Prince William, Kate Middleton visit Gandhi Smriti, India Gate]

Or why else, during a time when the country has enough issues to dwell on, does a big, big English daily publish the unruly dress of the Duchess of Cambridge on its front page describing it as "Marlilyn Moment"? [When William, Kate met Sachin and Bollywood stars]


kate middleton and prince william

A few years ago, the same daily had an open fight with a top Bollywood actor over a video that showed a bit of her cleavage and the episode caused a controversy with many of her colleagues backing her. 

Was this commodification of the guest necessary? We believe this media house is not so poor that its survival depends on revenues from desperate viewership and hence it went on to proudly shoot a mother of two children who was caught uncomfortable and not posing for a photo session. Even the actual purpose of the royal visit at the Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate took the backseat. This is journalism?


In fact, some foreign media houses also took the same route to project the VIP guest as a sexist object but then why borrow the same cheap ideas when there are so many better things to do?

Why indulge in the hypocrisy of projecting feel-good photos when there are serious issues that this country is facing at this moment? A serious drought situation has hit parts of India. Some ugly clashes were reported from elections in two states in eastern India. An autorickshaw driver's daughter won 12 gold medals in a university in Mysuru. Those news don't matter for some media houses that love to chase items that qualify as tasteless entertainment at best.

The Twitter also went abuzz with this presentation and slammed the daily for its taste of 'news'. And rightly so.

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