Maharashtra: Uddhav's arrogance took the toll on Shiv Sena's performance

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Uddhav to be blamed for Shiv Sena's poor show
After facing the reality in the recently concluded assembly poll that it is Maharashtra's second choice, first being the BJP, Shiv Sena is making last ditch effort to appease BJP to forge an alliance with the saffron brigade. One can see a drastic change in the action as well as speech of Shiv Sainiks, including party chief Uddhav Thackeray, towards the BJP, which has emerged as the single largest party in the state polls and it at the cusps of forming a government in the state.

BJP outclassed Sena in every department

Shiv Sena, which has centered itself to Maharashatra and Marathi politics, had to face humiliation as its friend-turned-foe BJP bagged nearly twice its seats (122 seats) while the former won just 63 seats of in the 288-member Maha assembly. To add more to party's humiliation, the party received a dismal 19.5 per cent of votes while the BJP got the lion's share with 28.1 per cent of the votes in its favour.

This shows Uddhav's popularity completely fizzled out in front of the Modi-wave in the assembly polls. The common man voted for the BJP that was so far considered second player in the state. But the people's mandate has placed the BJP far ahead in the race.

Shiv Sena, formed by Bal Thackeray in 1996, is facing worst ever credibility crisis in its traditional bastion. The party has seen a marginal rise in its vote share as compared to the 2009 assembly polls when it received 16.3 per cent of the total votes polled.

But, there is nothing to be happy about for the party's former ally BJP's vote share has doubled this time. The BJP had bagged just 14% of the votes in 2009 Maharashtra polls.

Uddhav to be blamed for Shiv Sena's poor show

Since, any political party is judged by the performance of its own leadership, it is Uddhav Thackeray who must be blamed for the dip in Shiv Sena's popularity in Maharashtra. Uddhav without exploring the ground realities and started critising the BJP which had performed exceptionally well in the state during the Lok Sabha poll.

Another reasons for Sena's poor show were Uddhav's arrogance, greed to become chief minister, promoting dynastic politics and unnecessarily attacking the BJP for snapping 25-year-old alliance with the party.

Uddhav's arrogance started soon after LS poll

In the Lok Sabha polls both the Shiv Sena and the BJP uprooted the Congress and NCP from the state and bagged 18 and 23 seats respectively. Elated with his party's performance in the general election Uddhav started demanding for larger share of the pie in the state polls. The party's good show forced Uddhav dream about becoming chief minister of Maharashtra. But, Uddhav failed to realise that victory in the Lok Sabha polls was mainly due to the Modi-wave.

Desperation to become Maharashtra CM

Uddhav as well as his men started cursing the BJP after the latter decided to contest polls all alone. Shiv Sena chief with the help of party's mouthpiece Saamna consistently attacked the BJP and its poster boy and PM Narendra Modi for any and everything. Sena forgot that it still was in alliance with the BJP at Centre. This probably sent a negative signal in the minds of voters that Uddhav is playing the victim card. When he couldn't stop Modi, who from the very beginning stated that he and his party will not attack the Shiv Sena, Uddhav even made personal attacks on PM by taking the 'chaiwala' jibe. This incident further highlighted Uddhav's arrogance. By doing so Uddhav had also showed how desperate he was to sit on the CM's chair.

Didn't even contest polls

Despite showing his chief ministerial ambitions, Uddhav didn't even contest polls. This would have not only showed that he is leading from the front but also charged up his cadre. During Lok Sabha polls, Narendra Modi contested from Varanasi, an unknown land, as well as Vadodara, his home turf, to strengthen his party's hold in both the states of Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat. On the other hand, Uddhav despite enjoying massive popularity in the state's Marathwada region kept himself away from the polls. This sent a clear signal amongst voters that dynastic politics rules the roost in Shiv Sena and Uddhav.

Attacking BJP in campaigns

Most of his election rallies, Uddhav criticised the BJP and Narendra Modi and Congress-NCP, in the remaining part, instead of talking about growth and development. While Narendra Modi apart from attacking the Congress-NCP government in the state pitched for growth and development. Modi consistently sought votes in the name of development and good governance. While Uddhav in almost every rally played the victim card.

Hence, greed, poor strategies, excessive arrogance and lack of connect with the ground realities reduced Shiv Sena to second spot in its own backyard.

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