Maharashtra Assembly results: Who will go with whom and why, know the possible scenarios

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BJP in Maharashtra
Most expected election results have come and BJP has emerged as single largest party. As no party has got clear majority in 288 seat Maharashtra

Assembly, the possible scenarios are gaining the ground. Will Shiv-Sena will again come with BJP, putting aside their egos, or decimated groups like Congress, NCP and Sena will come together.

According to a latest report, BJP have got 110 seats, Sena 64, Congress and NCP 43 each. So this gives option that later three could come together , though chance is very bleak.

Can BJP ties up with the Shiv Sena again?

Both the parties have maintained flip-flop like attitude on the issue till now. But things have changed. Earlier, both were hoping that that they will come out as a clear winner, but both got blow. Difference is Shiv Sena got bigger blow, and BJP smaller one because of not getting clear majority.

At the time of going to its separate ways with BJP, the Shiv Sena had left the option open and that is why it continued with lone cabinet Minister in Modi Government. Probably, both will put aside their ego and come together this time.

BJP leader have given hint of that also. Even Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray has said that they will go with party who believes in development. Only, small hitch is that Sena still adamant on their Chief Minister candidate position. However, this is most possible scenario at the moment.

Alliance of BJP and NCP

The chance of this option is lesser than above one. As BJP needs more than 30 seats to prove majority, it is their compulsion to go along with other parties. In past NCP chief Sharad Pawar praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi so many times, directly or indirectly. But, BJP never obliged them in their gesture. Since Lok Sabha election BJP continued mauling the party.

Recently in rallis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi did scathing attack on NCP chief Pawar. Even party leader have rejected this speculation that they will cobble up the alliance together. So, chance is dim that both will come together.

But then in politics anything can happen and it is being believed that at times party put aside the ideology and go along with tide. With this theory, BJP might consider option of going with NCP.

Can Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress come together?

This will happen only when ego business will not at all come into play. Though this is least possible, but in politics anything can happen. Bruised Shiv Sena can toy with the idea and report say that their respective leaders have met to discuss the issue.

Though, Shiv Sena leaders have said that they will not compromise on CM candidate and will try to extract maximum pie from the alliance. Sena also have to keep this fact in mind that by doing that they could lose hardcore Hindu and Marathi manus vote banks. But then to keeping BJP at length, this Hidutva party can form alliance.

But they will still be needed some seats and Congress could fill the gap. The support might be outside one to keep communal force at bay.

Earlier, NCP and Congress said that they can't come together. But when enemy is common, creeping of envy factor is quite obvious. And that is the theory which will bind all these parties in a single thread.

Let's see how things will prop up in couple of days. But one thing is clear that Modi-Shah have again proved that they can turn the tide in BJP's favour. And above all Modi's magic is as it is, not dimmed but got brightened in these months.

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