Look who is talking! Pakistan tells India to act responsibly

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Line Of Control
Pakistan's Defence Minister, Khawaja Asif said on Thursday that Pakistan was fully capable of responding to Indian aggression at the Line of Cotnrol (Loc) and working boundary.

In a statement, Asif said, "Pakistan did not want an atmosphere of confrontation on the borders of two neighbouring nuclear states."

Responding to India's Defence Minister, Arun Jaitley statement made on Thursday which said that Pakistan will have to pay a heavy price for this, Asif said India should show responsibility and exercise restraint on the Line of Control.

But , is it really the case? Is Pakistan suppose to act responsibly or India? Is India on the wrong side or Pakistan? Is it India who starts the activity on LoC or it is Pakistan?

If we start gathering these questions, then they will never come to an end. But the question is who is really right?

Will this stalemate really help?

With intense cross-border firing between Indian and Pakistani troops at the LoC, tension between both the countries is peaking to a high point. And this heavy exchange of fire has already claimed many civilian as well as Army lives on both the sides. And on the top of it, both the sides are accussing each other for the present condition.

It seems that Pakistan got baffled after India cancelled foreign secretary-level talks with Pakistan in August. From the very beginning Modi Government had conveyed a clear message to all the neighboring countries that we believe in maintaining cordial relation but that should not be taken as a weak point of our country. It's our magnanimous gesture but don't try to challenge our patience level again and again.

But it seem Pakistan did not get the message in the right way. India had already warned Pakistani High Commissioner Abdul Basit not to hobnob with separatist leaders ahead of Indo- Pakistan Foreign Secretaries talk, scheduled for August 25. But defying this advice of India, Basit met with separatist leaders Shabir Shah in New Delhi just before the FS level talks with India.

Already angered India by the repeated ceasefire violations at border by Pakistan, took this bonhomie as interference in internal matter between India and Pakistan and thus, cancelled the talks.

The competition of trying to have an upper hand

Despite all this, Pakistan always tries to have an upper hand on everything. And even after the cancellation of these talks Pakistan tries to justify their act. Not only this, even at the UN General Assembly, it was Pakistan who took the matter between two countries to international forum. Still, India gave replied back to Pakistan in a very deft manner.

The past clearly reflects who is capable of what?

When Pakistan says it is fully capable of responding to Indian aggression at the LoC, then firstly, Pakistan should first stop the ceasefire in turn India would definitely stop replying back in the form of gun fights.
Secondly, past has clearly shown who is capable of doing what. The Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 and the Kargil War clearly show who is better and capable?

Though the UN General advised to peacefully resolve the matter , but what if the other person does not want to settle in a peaceful manner. Some experts have criticised Indian move, but every time we cannot let Pakistan do the wrong things. They should be told that they are wrong and thus, this new beginning by Modi government is a way to tell Pakistan that some amount of aggression is also needed in sustaining the diplomatic relations.

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