Lok Sabha poll results: What candidates feel on Twitter

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LOk Sabha election 2014
New Delhi, May 16: The countdown has begun and the country is waiting in silence anticipation, of a government that would brighten the future of the country, of a governance that will bring India to the fore in the global map.

However, we cannot discount the anticipations of the candidates on the fray. While temple visits are common, this time things are even more sombre as the elections would be the deciding factor of not only the country, but also the politicians. They are wide and awake early in the morning, guessing the results in their respective areas.

Twitter is abuzz already, just 25 minutes ahead of the poll counting. Take a look:

The Election Commission is also going to have a long day today and VS Sampath, CEC says:

Some may sound apprehensive, while others are confident. BJP, for instance is confident of its win and there are pictures trailing in Twitter showing that the headquarters are already celebrating.However, it remains to be seen whether their prayers are fulfilled or not. 

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