Like Sonia, Rahul Gandhi should feel the pain of other 'mothers'!

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Yesterday, the Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi addressed two rallies in poll-bound Madha Pradesh. His Shahdol rally speech invoked his mother and the UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi, many times.

For the first time, Rahul publicly spoken and made an attempt to woo voters by giving references to his mother's health and how she gave priority to the Food Security Bill and neglected her health.

Then, Rahul suddenly hit out at the ruling-BJP in Madhya Pradesh. And he proudly said the famous Bollywood dialogue, "Mere paas maa hai".

The way Rahul shared the health condition of his mother Sonia, it surely touched the hearts of listeners. But, if Rahul thinks that by projecting his mother's image as that of "Mother India", his party can come to power in Madhya Pradesh, he is definitely misunderstood.

The way he narrated the spell-binding story of his mother's sacrifices, he left no stone unturned in giving Sonia Gandhi the title of "Mother India".

Rahul sought to strike an emotional chord with the audiences when he told them what Sonia said on the day when the epoch-making legislation on the UPA's landmark Food Security Bill, was passed ( the bill that would ensure cheap food for the poor).

She said, "I will not leave until the bill is passed. I have fought for years for the bill and will not leave until I press that button."

Rahul recounted his mother's disappointment after she couldn't cast her vote, "When I took her to hospital, she could hardly breathe and tears welled up in her eyes.

The visibly emotional Rahul said, "I dragged her to hospital".

Here are some pertinent questions Rahul Gandhi must answer:

For the first time, Rahul publicly spoken about her mother's health.

Has he ever given any reference to the brave Army jawans of our country who always remain alert at the border, while putting their lives at stake?

For treating Sonia, at least there were prime minister's doctors available at Parliament but what for the Army soldiers? For soldiers, even medicines are not easily available, then doctors' access is a long-distant reality for them.

What an irony, the day when Congress V-P Rahul Gandhi was becoming emotional about his mother's illness, on the same day, three police jawans, who were patrolling the Gyarabatti area, were killed in a naxalite attack in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra.

The reason behind mentioning the Naxalite attack to Rahul's story is that can he even imagine the pain of those mothers, who yesterday lost their sons?

It is very crucial to interlink both news as yesterday's naxal attack happened under the UPA's rule, who has been making policies against naxals from last five years, but it has not been completed yet.

Did Rahul bother to care about the pain endured by the pregnant mothers in the government hospitals, with inadequate facilities?

For these things, Rahul cannot blame the state governments as the Medical Council of India (MCI- the statutory body to provide quality medical care to all Indians) is directly governed by the Central government.

How does MCI provides degree to 'unqualified' doctors in villages?

Has the Congress scion ever thought about the stark reality that in India, 75% pregnant women and 70% mothers are "anaemic" (having lack of blood in body)? How will such women afford to buy fruits when they are being sold at a price of Rs 150 per kg?

Rahul ji, it's a fact that state governments are not responsible for high inflation.

So, Rahul has to give answers to the above questions before he publicly shows the health report card of his mother Sonia Gandhi. For getting public votes, Rahul needs to understand that he has to ponder over other "mothers" of the country, who are in living in the worst conditions.

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