Life in Mosul after one year of ISIS regime

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All colours of life has gone away from the lives of people of Iraqi city of Mosul since it was captured by the Islamic State (ISIS) militants in March last year. On March 10 2014 Security personnel abandon their posts as ISIS forces overrun military bases, police stations and the airport to take the northern Iraqi city of Mosul (1). Half a million residents flee the city.

According to a video filmed secretly in Mosul reveals how people are living under the cover of fear of punishment in the city. They are forced to follow the alleged rules of ISIS.

Life hit badly in Mosul

According to BBC, the video contains footage of mosques being blown up, abandoned schools, and women being forced to cover up their bodies.

The fall of Mosul to hands of ISIS militants was beginning of hell for the people of the Iraqi city. Life for the city's residents has changed beyond recognition. The footage reveals how fuel is in short supply, pollution widespread, construction halted and many schools closed.

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ISIS militants have dug up tunnels across the city, planted mines and have put up barricades to prevent army from retaking the city. The militants can also be seen moving heavy artillery - some captured from fleeing Iraqi forces - and responding to attacks with anti-aircraft fire in the video.

Education system has completely been vanished from the city. They use media points" to disseminate their messages. Many people have lost their job and those who are getting salary are forced to give a quarter to them to rebuild the city. Imams in mosques have also been replaced with pro-ISIS people.

Since ISIS took the city, it has been applying the 'Laws of the Caliphate', as it calls them. The minimum punishment is flogging, which is applied for things like smoking a cigarette. They arrest people and torture them. Many of the victims have revealed unimaginable stories of their torture.

The footage reveals how homes belonging to Mosul's ethnic and religious minority communities have been confiscated by ISIS. Many residential areas once popular with minorities now stand empty.

One can not imagine the level of torture and fear among people of the Mosul as video has horrific footage. Will people in Mosul will continue to suffer these tortures? Will they ever be able to breath in open air if yes? When the time will come?

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