Laxmikant Bajpai’s statement not good sign for democracy

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Laxmikant Bajpai. (File photo)
BJP's Uttar Pradesh unit chief Laxmikant Bajpai lashed out at Moradabad's Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Dharamvir for holding BJP responsible for inflaming communal tension in Kanth. Party's state president went on saying that animosity between BJP and Dharamvir will continue for years. Such a statement coming out from a senior BJP leader certainly is not in good taste in a democracy.

What is the entire case?

The ‘mahapanchayat' or gathering was called by the state BJP in defiance of the state order, after a recent dispute in Kanth, over removal of a loudspeaker from a temple, which led to communal tension in the area. The gathering turned into a violent protest, during which BJP leaders, including four MPs and an MLA, who was accused in the Muzaffarnagar riots, were briefly detained.

Politicians should avoid criticising a public servant without evidence

The state police had alleged that the BJP leaders defied the ban imposed by the administration. Moradabad SSP blamed the BJP workers for stone-pelting, firing and blocking the Moradabad-Saharanpur railway track.

BJP's version:

Meanwhile, the BJP has been consistently accusing the Uttar Pradesh government of acting in a ‘discriminatory' manner in handling the situation and alleged that the senior police officers were acting like ‘Samajwadi Party workers'.

Bajpai accused the Moradabad top cop of not disposing his duty honestly and he is instead acting at the orders of its rival Samajwadi Party Government. The former UP Minister had even questioned the SSP's capability and suggested he should be inducted by Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav in his security team.

Bajpai was quoted by ANI as saying, "SSP Moradabad is not fit to be in public service, CM should induct him is his security team and keep him in his bungalow.

"BJP ne unhe (SSP Moradabad) naagin ki tarah aankh mein utar liya hai, dushmani duur tak nibhayenge (BJP has identified SSP Moradabad as its enemy and this animosity will go a long way)," he further said.

Reacting strongly to Bajpai's comment, Superintendent of Police Rajendra Chaudhary (Moradabad) said, "How can somebody use such language for a public servant? Everyone saw BJP workers attacking police during Kanth incident."

Bajpai's outrageous remark can't be justified:

Whether claims of the cop were true or false it is a matter of investigation. But Bajpai's outrageous statement cannot be justified at any cost. It is just not acceptable that a politician openly questioning the dignity of a public servant and admitting to indulge into a political vendetta with the officer.

Bajpai and his partymen have not right to criticise a public servant in public discourse without giving substantial evidence. Also, the party and his workers have the liberty of complaining to the state as well as the centre against the cop. There is a legal procedure that should be followed in such cases. Such outrageous statements bring all but disrespect to the leader himself as well as his party.

Even if one considers Bajpai's claim to be true and that the SSP was allegedly trying to frame the BJP leaders at the behest of the ruling Samajwadi Party, still the politician has no rights to openly blame him in front of media. That gives Opposition unnecessary fodder that they (BJP leader) are taking advantage of their Government at Centre.

But, the BJP leadership in New Delhi has not come out with comment yet and has preferred to keep mum. It is time for the central leadership to intervene in this matter and prevent any further embarrassment to the party and its leaders.

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