Known for its audacity, how the Jaish-e-Mohammad was revived by ISI

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It was just two months back that a group of 30 terrorists were moved into the PoK region by the ISI.

As per the report prepared by the Research and Analysis Wing members of both the Lashkar-e-Tayiba and the Jaish-e-Mohammad were moved closer to India. All the cadres were brought from camps near Lahore and Bhawalpur, the intelligence report suggested.


As per what we gather the Pathankot attack was staged by members of the JeM and if the same is ascertained then it proves the Intelligence agencies right that said that ISI was attempting to revive this outfit.

The JeM and the ISI have had a blow hot blow cold relationship over the years. However, since the past year it has been water under the bridge and the differences appear to be ironed out.

Reviving Jaish-e-Mohammad:

It is a well know fact that the Lashkar-e-Tayiba is the most important proxy for the ISI. Like the Lashkar, the JeM too has India as its focus and has been battling for several years in the Kashmir valley.

In fact, it was the JeM which was responsible for the attack on the Indian Parliament.

Following this attack, there was a fall out between the ISI and the JeM. The man who founded this outfit, Maulana Masoor Azhar had gone into the background and he was not being given the support by the ISI. Pakistan had even banned the JeM.

It may be recalled that the ISI also did not approve of a plan by the JeM to assassinate former Pakistan President Pervez Musharaff. The attempt by the JeM was however foiled.

Today it seems as though the relationship has changed. The ISI is keeping the Lashkar busy in Afghanistan.

Recent attacks in Afghanistan witnessed the presence of Lashkar cadres along with the Taliban. In such an event, it only made sense for the ISI to revive the JeM and continue with its tirade against India.

The JeM has dedidcated modules in Kashmir. If it is proven that the Pathankot attack was the handiwork of the JeM, then the security forces have much to worry about as it suggests the group has infiltrated deep into Punjab as well.

The JeM is a dangerous group and has known to carry out audacious attacks. The Parliament attack and even the Pathankot strikes are proof of that.

The working of the JeM is being overseen by an officer known as Shaukat Khan. Intelligence officials say that Khan is an officer with the ISI and has been responsible in overseeing the resurrection of the JeM.

The first attack by the JeM planned under Khan was the one at the army camp in Tanghdhar, Kashmir recently.

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