Know who is Narendra Modi’s Dharamputra?

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Narendra Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known for doing things in most stylish manner and this has always earned him a lot of praise. With this news another feather has been added in his cap. As per reports, Modi has been supporting a poor Nepali boy since 12 years now and thus, boy's mother calls him as Modi's Dharamputra.

At a time when the Prime Minister is scheduled to visit Nepal with the motive to infuse fresh energy into Indo-Nepal relation, this family is excited to give their ‘Messiah' Modi a warm welcome.

Modi is like ‘Messiah’ for the boy Jit Bahadur

According to the India TV report, the family of the boy named Jit Bahadur considers him the ‘dharmputra' of Narendra Modi as he provided the deprived boy all facilities in life. Modi not only helped him in getting educated but also facilitated the boy to meet him with his family.
Jit's mother Khagisra Saru says, "I gave birth to my son but what Narendra Modi did for him was more than that".

Narrating the incident about how Jeet came in contact with Modi, Saru says that in 1998, the 10-year-old left for Delhi to earn livelihood. Then subsequently he went to Rajashthan and then moved to Gujarat. A woman helped him to meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Since then, the boy who is pursuing BBA at a college in Ahmedabad, is under the supervision of Prime Minister.

Modi‘s claims to be pro-poor are very much evident from this incident which shows that he has respect for poor and deprived section of the people.

During the election campaigning, he didn't rake up his humble origin of selling chai for his personal gain to get votes, rather he did so because he has high regard for this deprived section in his heart. He values the commoners who really need someone to hold their hand and help them achieve something good in life.

This makes him a ‘True Messiah' and especially for the boy Jeet Bahadur.

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