Know Constituencies of UP Assembly polls 2017: TINDWARI

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Uttar Pradesh will go to Assembly elections early in 2017. The state has an Assembly comprising 403 seats and a party/alliance has to win 202 seats to form the government. In 2012, when the last state election was held in UP, the Samajwadi Party had won 224 seats to get a decisive majority.

Oneindia will take one Assembly constituency a day and have a look at electoral information related to it:


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Constituency Name: TINDWARI

[KCs 1-Jaspura, 2-Pailani, 3-Khaptiha, 4-Chilla, 5-Tindwari, 6-Paprenda, 7-Jaurahi, 8-Mataundha, Tindwari NP & Mataundha NP of 1-Banda Tehsil. ]

Constituency Number: 232

2012 Assembly Election Result in TINDWARI

  • Winner: Daljeet Singh 
  • Winning Party: INC 
  • Winning Votes: 61,184 
  • Runner Up: Bishambhar Prasad
  • Runner Up Party: SP 
  • Runner Up Votes: 46,169 
  • Total Votes: 1,62,342 
  • Margin: 15,015
  • Margin Percent: 9.25% 
  • Turnout: 57.60%
  • Electors: 2,81,863
  • Total Votes Polled: 1,62,342 (57.6%)
  • Total Valid Votes: 1,62,022 (57.5%)

District: BANDA

  • Total Area: 4408 square kilometer
  • Actual Population: 1,799,410
  • Male: 965,876
  • Female: 833,534
  • Total SC population: 3,87,855 
  • Total ST population: 163
  • Male Literacy: 6,30,626
  • Female Literacy: 3,72,311


Banda is famous for its Shajar stone, used for making jewellery, and the historically and architecturally significant sites Khajuraho and Kalinjar. Khajuraho is a World Heritage Site famous for its elaborately carved temples. The fortress of Kalinjar is famed for its war history and its glorious rock sculptures.

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