Will BJP be able to defang AAP? All you need to know about recent influxes in Saffron party

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Amidst recent rumblings in political corridors, 2015 Delhi Assembly poll is being termed as mother of all the recently held elections.

Even the 2014 Lok Sabha election where Congress-led UPA was routed by Modi's BJP had not generated this much of the enthusiasm in people and political circles.

How recent influxes will help BJP

The reason being, result of the Lok Sabha election was almost predicted because the anti-incumbency was so high against UPA. But situation is not the same in this election as Delhi has been under President rule for quite some time now. Moreover, Arvind Kejriwal led AAP has high credibility in comparison to Congress in 2014 Lok Sabha election.

No anti-incumbency this time

Recent election results proved that BJP ruled the roost wherever there was anti-incumbency against the Government. In capital, BJP is in direct fight with Arvind Kejriwal led AAP which really has good support base in comparison to saffron party which only banks upon Modi wave. Before Kiran Bedi, BJP's State leadership was in a tattered condition.

This assembly election is really very crucial for both BJP and AAP as the result will change the dynamics of the working style of both the parties.

Is BJP nervous?

With the recent poaching of AAP and Congress leaders, one thing is clear that BJP is in the state of nervousness. It is being said that the saffron party itself was apprehensive about Modi wave in the capital. Party leaders were skeptical that Kejriwal's AAP might outweigh re-surging BJP in the poll. Apparently because of this reason, BJP high command decided to make former associates of AAP to fight against Kejriwal's party. It will be really interesting to see how the dividends will be paid to the BJP by these defectors in the coming election.

Let's analyse what are the advantages and disadvantages of recent influxes within BJP

Kiran Bedi


Known as an honest IPS officer having good record on administrative front.

First woman IPS officer who has good support base among Delhi voters.

Being part of Anna Hazare team, she will give tough fight to AAP on corruption front.

Can claim Modi+ Bedi will change the "dasha and disha" of the Delhi.

She can make BJP's top leadership insecure in the national capital.

Some of the disgruntled leaders are Jagdish Mukhi and Manoj Tiwari.

Reportedly, some party workers also have apprehensions about her 'police like' attitude.

Vinod Kumar Binny

Former AAP leader had won 2013 Delhi State election from Lakshmi Nagar area. Binny left party after he was denied ministry in Kejriwal's 49-day Government. Since then he has been spitting venom against Kejriwal and his party AAP.

It is being believed that he has some support base and that is why he defeated
Congress's stalwart A K Walia from prestigious Lakshmi Nagar seat in 2013.

Outspoken leader has grudges against AAP leader Kejriwal which may work in BJP's favour.

Binny will try to prove his mettle against AAP's Manish Sisodia from Patparganj.



If he will defeat Sisodia, chances are high that he will compel party to make him Minister.

Anti-Kejriwal image might bring him disadvantage.

Shazia Ilmi
Journalist-turned-politician was defeated in both Delhi assembly election and Lok Sabha poll. Shazia Ilmi tried hard but lost Delhi Assembly election from R K Puram seat on AAP ticket.

She wished to fight Lok Sabha election from any of the seats of Delhi but was pushed to Ghaziabad. She fought against BJP candidate, former Army chief VK Singh but failed to secure victory.

Being a known face, it will help BJP to get some women votes.
May help BJP to woo Muslim voters.
She has clout in Muslim dominated areas of Delhi like Chandni Chowk, Matia Mahal, Gandhinagar and Ballimaran Assembly seats.

Prone to create controversies.
Averse to fight election.
Party leaders may not accept her seeing her past record in AAP.

Krishna Tirath
She has been four time MLA from Karol Bagh. Dalit leader Tirath was minister in UPA-2.

Dalit face may help BJP to lure this large chunk of voters.
With Tirath in BJP, party may eye for 12 reserved seats in Delhi. AAP had won most of the these seats last time.

Discontentment among party workers for bringing her in party fold.
Congress leader had failed to defend her Lok Sabha seat which may go against her.

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