Kargil Special: War Museum Photo Gallery

Written by: Richa Bajpai
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Batalik, July 23: Batalik is a region in Ladakh where the 'Operation Safed Sagar' was launched during the 1999 Kargil War.

Around 30 kilometres away from the Batalik Sector, there is a Kargil War Museum, that has preserved all the important facts related to the 1999 Kargil War.

As OneIndia reporter Richa Bjapai is covering the 15th anniversary of the Kargil war from the ground zero, we bring you exclusive pics of the war museum.

Take a look at the Photo Gallery, which depicts the memories of the slain Indian soldiers who laid their lives to save the nation:

Photos of the Kargil war heroes

The moment, you enter in the museum, you will find the photographs of 14 Indian soldiers, who played an important role in the Kargil war.

Engine cover of fighter plane flown by Flt Lt Nachiketa

This is the engine cover of the fighter aircraft that was being steered by Flt Lt Nachiketa. The aircraft crashed.

MIG 21 in Kargil war

This MiG 21 was used during the Kargil War.

India's big achievement: Point 5203 recaptured

In one of its biggest victory in the Kargil war, the hight point for the Indian Army was when it had recaptured a strategic height, Point 5203, in the Batalik sub-sector, on the 41st day of the war.

The operation for Point 5203 lasted more than 24 hours leading to the killing of a large number of Pakistani intruders before Indian troops occupied the strategic hilltop.


2nd achievement: Jubar Hills recaptured

Lt Manoj Kumar Pandey, an officer of 1/11 Gorkhas, led his men to recapture the Jubar hills, which is located close to the Line of Control (LoC) at 14,000 feet. Major Mariappan Saravanan of the Bihar Regiment, who was leading a team of 30 soldiers, had laid down his life during the recapture of Jubar Hills.

Captain Gogoi, who belonged to the 17 Garhwal Rifles, was also a brave soldier who had sacrificed his life during the Jubar Hill recapture.

During the Jubar hills operation, total 22 Indian soldiers sacrificed their lives by killing 25 Pakistani intruders.


Air Force's granite bomb

This is the granite bomb shell that was used to bombard the Pakistani militants during operation 'Safed Sagar'.

Pakistan's 4 missiles in war museum

During the Kargil War, Indian army had captured the four missiles of Pakistan. With their 4 missiles, Pakistani intruders were targeting Indian soldiers. Now, all four of them are kept in the war museum.

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