Jihad in the name of Philanthropy and self-denial, that's what Pak preaches

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The Pakistani High Commissioner to India, Abdul Basit, has given a new meaning to the word philanthropy.

It is not unknown what he said in an earlier media meet at the Bengaluru International Centre when he labelled Jamat-ud-Dawa as a PHILANTHROPIC organization, irrespective of the fact that it is being led by the ill-famed Hafiz Saeed who is considered a prime fugitive at International borders, especially in India.

Abdul Basit

The mastermind behind all the Mumbai terror attacks, Hafiz Saeed has been tried several times in the Pakistani court and has been released too.

Despite a dossier sent to the Pakistani authorities detailing the statements of Ajmal Kasab, the terrorist arrested alive in 26-11 terror attacks, Pakistan is in a self-denial mode. Moreso, it also challenges the UN verdict of labelling the 'philanthropy' as 'terrorising'.

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Self-denial cannot be the base for friendly ties

Basit curtly avoided controversial questions asked by the reporters, especially the ones relating to the dossier, Musharraf's confession of hosting terrorists in Pakistan, or the ceasefire violations. He stood by his response of Dawood Ibrahim being in Pakistan, saying that he is not known to be there.

Abdu Basit

Interestingly, when the media questioned about the addresses provided, he said,"let's not go by what television says as Indian media is contradicting itself. Once it says, Dawood is in Pakistan, another time it says they do not know where. Nobody knows where he is, least of all, us. Please note that Pakistan is a peaceful country and we will extend all help to India if they provided proof."

Ironically, he consciously dodged the question when we asked about Bin Laden and the fact that Pakistan had denied his presence in the country, but was traced and terminated in Abbottabad in Pakistan.

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And as far as the ceasefire violations went, Basit stated clearly that it was India who initiated the gun battle and that 40 civilians from Pakistani side were killed. He ignored the fact that over 400 ceasefire violations were done by Pakistan in the past 1 year.

Ironically, Basit said that Nawaz Sharif is ready to follow the 4-point proposal that Pakistan proposed in the United Nations to maintain peace at the borders. It is also ready to approach the UN military observer at the LoC to upgrade their presence. He further said,"Pakistan is not selective in its approach, our people want peace, but India is selective."

Abdul Basit

Clearly, the delegate was indifferent to the actual situation, although continuing to eyewash international media. Certainly, friendly ties cannot be based on self-denial.

Iran and China

Evidently, that is not a stance only with India. Pakistan denies the fact that it has shared nuclear technology with Iran. "WE cannot do that. Pakistan knows its nuclear responsibilities very well," said Basit.

Forget the nuclear deal that Iran has to abide by, Pakistan challenges the decision of the European Union and the P5+1 nations, which includes United States, the United Kingdom, France, China, Russia and Germany - along with the European Union.

Abdul Basit

Interestingly, Basit was open to discuss China and its engagement in the Pakistani region. He said that the investments will not only help Pakistan but also the Asian region.

On asking whether China's interest in Pakistan has something to do with India, he said,"China is a trustworthy friend of Pakistan. The agreements will solely develop the region."

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It is rather alarming but true: An enemy's friend is an enemy.

But this is not going to last longer. Mr Commissioner, your blatant denial proves otherwise. We do have a clear picture of your country and what it wants.

Basit and wife
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