Exclusive: Kashmiri Separatists plan to disrupt J&K Assembly polls

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Hafiz Saeed, the ISI's remote control against India has promised separatists in Jammu and Kashmir a handsome pay hike if they disrupt the elections. The highest paid separatist in the Valley is Yasin Malik and Saeed who has been conversing on a regular basis has ensured of a major hike in pay if the elections to be held in the Valley are disrupted.

Conversation intercepted on November 18, 2014:

Conversations intercepted as early as three days back by the Intelligence Bureau suggests that Saeed is still in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and has been in touch with the separatists in the Valley.

Conversation between Saeed & Separatists

In one of the conversations he is heard saying that the polls must be disrupted. While the BJP must be stopped at any cost, they must also ensure that the voter turn out is extremely low. The democratic process must be hampered at any cost and the people of Jammu and Kashmir must fear to vote, Saeed's conversations with one separatist in the Valley suggests.

Saeed further goes on to say, " take the youth into confidence and tell them that the Indian government can provide nothing. Tell them that the Indian army is only out to carry out atrocities against the Kashmiris and Pakistan is the only solution to their problems.

Make sure that the voters do not go out and vote. It is more important that the youth do not vote and democracy must be hampered at any cost. Put in all your resources and be assured that you shall be rewarded well," Saeed further goes on to say.

More intercepts would also go on to state the following. " We have our men ready. However we want disruptions to happen from within. Infiltrating is not easy at the moment. However we will try and send at least 300 men into Kashmir to support you."

High alert in the Valley:

Meanwhile a high alert has been issued by the Intelligence Bureau as the state of Jammu and Kashmir goes to polls. The rallies by the BJP leaders to be conducted in the Valley are particularly on very high alert and the Intelligence Bureau has termed the threat as a Grade-A one directing security forces to be on their toes.

Hafiz Saeed the head of the Lashkar-e-Taiba has been camping in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. He held a meeting three days back with his team and chalked out a plan on disrupting the elections. Intercepts of the calls between Saeed and some separatists in the Valley have been recorded which go on to suggest that a sinister plot is underway.

Saeed who is the ISI's blue eyed boy has promised the separatists an increment if they successfully manage to disrupt the elections. The ISI already pays the likes of Yasin Malik a salary of Rs 45 lakh a month and this amount is all set to increase as the election process gets underway.

Mallik's CTC

Intelligence Bureau officials tell oneindia.com that Yasin Mallik continues to be the highest paid. He is on the rolls of the ISI and Saeed and his last known salary amounted to Rs 45 lakh. His attitude was very clear during the recent rescue operations at the time of the floods. He was rescued by the Indian army but created a ruckus for the soldiers. He acted desperate and needed to justify his salary to the ISI.

Mallik has figured in several probes in the past where his salary is concerned. He normally picks up his salary from Nepal where an ISI agent has it hand delivered to his men. It usually is delivered in two installments of Rs 20 and Rs 25 lakh.

The IB says that this money is strictly to spread hatred against India. With this money he lives like a king and has purchased orchards and bungalows in the Valley.

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