ISIS vs Kurds vs Turkey govt: What is the conflict all about

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Turkey has come under attack yet again. Five attacks in Istanbul and three in Ankara in recent times has sent across a clear message that the entire country is no longer immune to terror strikes. Turkey has primarily faced a problem from the Kurdish militants.

However today the ISIS too has joined in and today's attack at the Ataturk airport in Istanbul in which 36 people have been killed is being blamed on the outfit.


Bombings in the past by the Kurdish groups have largely focused on the military. However the attack in March in Ankara by the Kurdish groups had been targeted on the civilians. However it is the ISIS which has targeted civilians the most.

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Why has the situation worsened in Turkey?

There are two battles that are on in Turkey. One battle is within Turkey with the Kurds while the other is on the Syrian border. The government has been at war with the Kurdistan Workers' Party for nearly 4 decades. With the intervention of the West, there was a cease fire called for.

However that came to an end in July 2015 with the bombing at Suruc in which 32 Kurdish activits were killed and the strike was blamed on an ISIS bomber.

The reason behind the attack by the ISIS was because some of the Kurdish activists were heading to Kobane a town destroyed by the ISIS. It was said that they wanted to help rebuild the town.

The Kurds accused the government while stating that they were helping the ISIS. There were a spate of attacks and the Kurds stated that the government was using the ISIS to stop the Kurds from gaining territory in Iraq and Syria. This marked the end of the cease fire.

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No longer an attractive destination:

With the ISIS joining the race to stage attacks in Turkey, the destination is no longer safe. For several years, tourists from across the world had considered Turkey to be a safe destination. However in recent times both France and the UK have warned that the ISIS will look to target foreign tourists in Turkey.

The situation in the past two years has turned so bad that several citizens of Turkey too had complained while stating that they fear going to crowded markets.

Experts had warned in the past that the war was coming to Turkey. They were right and statistics show that Turkey has been hit over and over again in the recent past.

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