ISIS operates as a bunch of lone wolves

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After every terror strike the often debated subject is relating to the failure of the intelligence or the security mechanism. The case of the Paris attack is no different. The ISIS terrorists plotted the attack and successfully undertook the operation too.

The reason behind the successful hit rate that the ISIS has is because there are a bunch of motivated youth and more importantly the discussions are restricted only to those select few involved in the attack.

ISIS operates as a bunch of lone wolves

The ISIS is not micromanaged by its supreme commander Abu Bakr al-Bhagdadi and his boys only follow his intent (ISIS is not micromanaged and there lies its success).

A bunch of lone wolves

The ISIS members who carry out terror strikes plan the attack only between themselves. They are aware of what Bhagdadi's intent is and work accordingly.

Once it is decided that an attack should be carried out, the leader would pick up a group of youth and plan the attack among themselves. They make sure that the planning is not known to many and communication over phones or the internet are strictly avoided.

This way they ensure that the intelligence agencies are not able to track them. In short these persons act like a bunch of lone wolves. The attacks by lone wolves are extremely successful as what it playing in their mind is not shared with anyone thus restricting the scope for intelligence agencies to track them.

The Paris attacks and other strikes by the ISIS have shown that the youth are extremely motivated. They do not rely on their organization for the funds too. It was found that the Paris attackers had raised the money by themselves.

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Reports suggest that they sold an old car and also raised a loan with forged documents. All this contributes a great deal in keeping the operation a secret.

Following their leader's intent

Bhagdadi has ensured that the work is distributed evenly among all his men. He does not interfere in every detail relating to the outfit. However, he is the one who sets the agenda and this is followed by the rest.

Bhagdadi conveys the intent while the others execute Bhagdadi has ensured that the work is evenly distributed. Each one is made to feel important in the outfit and this has kept at bay disgruntlement among the leaders.

The ISIS has several units which look after a range of issues and there is a commander for each of these. For instance, the Paris attack would not have been overseen completely by Bhagdadi.

He would have had his dedicated commanders in Syria plan and execute the strike. What the commanders are supposed to follow is the intent of Bhagdadi.

He issues sermons regularly and it is for the commanders to understand his intent and execute an attack. Bhagdadi conveys his intent and sets the agenda rolling. It is for his commanders to execute the rest.

Bhagdadi has carefully set up the ISIS command and realizes that with the battle getting bloodier with each passing day, there is a need to nurture more persons who can carry the flag even if he were to die.

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