ISIS knows only how to kill and rape women: Indian youth Majeed's confession statement

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Mumbai, Nov 30: Areef alias Areeb Majid, the youth who joined the ISIS only to return disillusioned, has been giving a lot of information to the National Investigating Agency (NSA).

Majeed a civil engineering student was assigned odd jobs in Iraq and when he landed in the Hind camp in Iraq, due to his background he was told to supervise construction work.


Officials in the NIA tell Oneindia that he was extremely disillusioned with the nature of work he was given and had expressed his desire to fight.

However, he was injured while practicing firing a gun. In Majeed's own words, "I expected that they would help me. But they did not. I expected that I would feel like I was in heaven as I left India to do God's work, but the stint over there was hell."

No one stands by each other and there is too much brutality out there which prompted me to contemplate escaping in the first place."


I never felt so strongly towards the cause. I use to visit the Mosque with several friends. It was only towards the end of 2013 that I felt that I had to do something.

I would watch the conflict in Syria and feel that the ISIS was attempting to establish the Caliphate and also a Global Islamic Council.

I constantly got the feeling that I was not doing enough and there were people who were fighting everyday in a bid to protect the religion.

This was for the first time that I felt that even I needed to do something and join the fight. We did not know of any agency that was recruiting for the ISIS.

I used to spend late hours reading material on the internet and found the information very sensible and valuable. I went through 1000s of sites and at the end of it I was fully convinced that I wanted to go and join the ISIS.

The Indian link:

There is a man in Bhiwandi, Maharashtra that I got in touch with. This was a number from one of the websites. The agent does not pick the call that easily.

I made over 20 attempts and even sent messages before the call was even answered. I was told to get in touch with a man in Bhiwandi.

This man I met up with offered all help which included financial assistance as well. When everything was finalized we were told to go to Dongri in South Bombay and collect out travel documents.

After that we flew out on May 25th and reached Karbala on May 27th before leaving for Bhagdad. From there we were taken to the Hind camp where we were told about our job.

The job was not what we signed up for:

Oneindia was the first to report that the boys who joined the Hind camp were not allowed to take part in the battle. Majeed too tells the NIA that they were not allowed to take part in the battle as Indians were physically weak.

We, however, asked our handler to give us a chance, but all of us failed the test. I supervised the construction work while the other three were asked to build websites for the ISIS.

However, we were also expected to clean the toilets and also arrange for water for the other persons who were waging the battle.


The ISIS knows only how to kill and rape women. Watching these happenings all of us were completely disillusioned. We thought that they were fighting a holy war.

Moreover, we were also not to contribute anything to the war. We were not allowed on the battle field neither were any of the preachings in the holy book followed.

Even when I was hit by the bullet it took the ISIS cadres four days before they even decided to send me to a hospital. They didn't care for us and neither did they bother. There is no immediately medical aid available and most of the time people are let to die.

I begged to return:

Majeed said that after much coaxing and begging they allowed me to go to a hospital. I was taken to Turkey and kept under close watch.

However, once when I got out of their sight, I made a phone call home where I broke down and told my parents that I wanted to come back. They managed to contact the agencies who came and rescued me.

Investigation still on:

For the agencies there are still vital things to be done. They want to get the other three youth back to India as soon as possible.

In addition to this, they also want to find out more about the Bhiwandi contact who is helping the ISIS recruits. We will keep a close watch on Majeed as we want to be extremely sure that he is not misguiding us, an NIA officer informed.

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