ISIS cultural vandalism in pics: Militants destroy Syrian artifacts

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Damascus, July 3: In a latest act of cultural vandalism, Islamic State (ISIS) militants have destroyed artifacts in Syrian city of Palmyra,a UNESCO world heritage site, media reported.

At least two ancient Muslim shrines in the once-monumental city were blown up by ISIS last month. Palmyra is also known as Venice of Sands and The Pearl of the Desert.

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An ISIS militant destroys artifacts with sledgehammers

ISIS militants smashed cultural treasures from the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra on Thursday.

ISIS militants smashed statues

In latest act of cultural vandalism, ISIS militants destroyed statues in Syria.

ISIS militants destroy statue of Lion

ISIS militants destroy 2,000-year-old statue of lion at Palmyra.

Ancient statues destroyed in Palmyra

ISIS has released photos purportedly of its fighters destroying an ancient artifact in the Syrian city of Palmyra weeks after they captured the city.

ISIS destroys Syrian antiquities in Palmyra

Islamic State (ISIS) militants destroy Syrian antiquities in captured city of Palmyra.


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