Is Mukul Roy cozying up to BJP?

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The BJP expects several leaders of the Trinamool Congres to join it in the days to come. Although several leaders from the TMC have expressed their wish to join the BJP, however, there is a heavy clause that is attached to it.

The BJP does not want a single TMC leader who has a Saradha taint and the top leadership has made this very clear to the members of its West Bengal unit.


Did Mukul Roy speak with the BJP?

The rumour mill is abuzz that Mukul Roy, senior TMC leader had spoken with senior BJP leaders in the past couple of days. Roy who has been summoned by the CBI for questioning in connection with the Saradha scam is not have a particularly cozy relationship with his party at the moment.

Although for public consumption the TMC leaders headed by Mamata Banerjee have threatened to protest if Roy is arrested sources say that things are not as good as they seem.

Roy was given a dressing down by Mamata a few days back after he went public on the Saradha scam and admitted to having met with Sudipta Sen twice. Many in the TMC felt that this was a wrong move as he only reiterated what Kunal Ghosh has been saying all along. [Saradha: Didi gives Mukul Roy a dressing down]

BJP denies meeting

The BJP has however denied that Roy had sent them any feelers to join the party. Some say Roy did try and get in touch with the senior BJP leaders, but the meeting did not happen.

It would look very bad if we met with Roy at this juncture a senior leader of the BJP informed oneindia. There is a CBI probe against him which is going on and we do not want to interfere in that.

If people from the TMC want to join the party, we welcome that, but no leader with a Saradha taint will be taken into the party. We have told our West Bengal unit to be extremely cautious on that front the leader also informed.

Good chance of an outburst by Roy

Mukul Roy who had openly said that he had met with Sen but denied any wrong doing is said to be miffed with his party. He feels that people should come clean and this would help the party.

He however has no takers for his theory in his party and could well end up alone.

Many would believe that after the CBI summons he was extremely upset/nervous/jittery and felt that the best way to handle this is tell the CBI everything he knew. Some feel that this could lead to an outburst which would embarrass the Mamata Banerjee government.

CBI wants to move fast

The Central Bureau of Investigation says that they are running out of time. The probe has taken way too long and we still have a lot on our hands to complete.[ Saradha Scam: What CBI will ask Mamata Banerjee's aide Mukul Roy? ]

We are now summoning government files of the past five years. This would help us understand better the kind of support the government of West Bengal gave to the Saradha group. 

There were some crucial policy decisions taken which we suspect aided the Saradha group and these files will help us ascertain the facts of the case, a CBI official also added.

In addition to this the CBI has also requested the Chief Secretary of West Bengal for more vehicles and man power as they are planning on conducting more raids. There will be many raids in the days to come and hence we need enhancement of manpower the CBI officer also said.

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