Who is listening to Rahul Gandhi's 'boring' speeches?

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Are the winds of change blowing in the country hinting towards the downfall of the Congress party? These days, it has been noticed that in Congress rallies, not much people are present and situation has even come to a point when the party's vice-president Rahul Gandhi has to urge the audience to "listen to him to what he is saying"!

Not only this, when Rahul notices that audience present in his rally are looking bored and not too interested, then he even asks them to "clap for him"! This was evident in his rally of Rampur district in Uttar Pradesh.

As one of the youth icons of the country as well as the Congress party's vice-president, Rahul Gandhi, who is also believed to be the Congress party's choice for the prime ministerial candidate in 2014, is expected to deliver speeches that leave an impact on the listeners besides being a crowd-puller. But Rahul Gandhi's two rallies in Uttar Pradesh, today, turned out to be a 'flop show'.

When Rahul Gandhi reached Rampur to address a rally after addressing one in Aligarh, then many Congress party workers and his supporters were present at the venue. But perhaps, not all of them were really listening to Rahul's speech. As Rahul had to appeal to people, again and again, to listen to him and try to understand.

In the process of urging people to listen, Rahul even fumbled and goofed up while addressing the rally. He said, "we gave you the right to information. Now, we will provide you food in Re 1. Have you ever utilised your right to information? If not, then start using it form today and don't let any bureaucrat or politician sit ideally. We are telling you to benefit from the schemes launched by us, and then you will be developed. Then, no poor will remain hungry in this country."

Now, the question arises that how can right to information be made a weapon to wipe out poverty from this nation?

While addressing the rally, Rahul made a huge blunder when he said, "The country's economic situation never stumbled, except under the UPA government's rule."

If Rahul's goof-up reaches the ears of opposition parties, then they can easily get a chance to lash out country's economic situation under UPA rule.

Although Rahul meant to say that the progress country has made under the UPA government, was never done before ten years.

Rahul not well-prepared for public rallies?

Rahul's 'lack of experience' was seen when he said, "in 2004, the slogans of "India shining" were raised, in 2009, again slogans were raised, but media's opinion poll surveys predicted that Congress will loose, but in May, it again came back to power."

Out of his two rallies in Aligarh and Rampur today, the Congress scion, Rahul Ghandhi failed to give substance or facts to his party's development or progress claims.

Rahul Ghandhi failed to give substance or facts to his party's progress.

It seemed as if Rahul addressed today' rallies just to fill the time in the crucial election campaigns ahead of 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

If Rahul continues to address such dull and vigourless rallies in days' ahead, then there are high possibilities of Congress party's disappearance after 2014 election results declaration.

With this, the career of Congress party's workers will also come to an end...

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