Intolerance in Bangladesh will have its effects in India

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Is Bangladesh losing the plot to the ISIS or other radical outfits? A second incident in which the Shia Muslim community being attacked has been reported from Bangladesh.

This time it was an attack at a Shia Muslim mosque in which one person was killed by a group of terrorists.

A man injured in an attack on a Shiite mosque is carried for treatment in Bogra district, Bangladesh.

The shooting took place in northwestern Bogra district came a day after police killed a top militant, the main suspect behind last month's bombing of a Shi'ite shrine that left two people dead.

The rise in violence is dangerous:

The situation is going out of control, an Indian official noted. There has been a major rise in violence in the past few months.

Already two foreigners and four bloggers have been killed by radical elements. It is, however, unclear whether these incidents are being triggered off by the ISIS or those opposing Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who has launched a crack down on militants and is also bringing to justice several persons for war crimes.

The alert levels are generally high in Bangladesh these days. 9 Christian priests have got death threats.

While the ISIS has claimed responsibility for some of these attacks, the Bangladesh police maintain that it is the handiwork of the Jammat-ul-Mujahideen (JuM).

The JuM has been carrying out a campaign against the regime in Bangladesh and have in the past too been responsible for a spate of violent incidents.

The problem for India:

India has plenty to worry about in the wake of such incidents being reported in Bangladesh. First and foremost, the radicalisation could well spill over into the country.

The other worry is that most of these criminals tend to seek shelter in West Bengal and the North Eastern states.

India has already faced the brunt in the form of the Burdwan incident in which several members of the JuM had set up shop in West Bengal and were running bomb factories.

Moreover, such incidents in Bangladesh come in the wake of a Bengali message calling for the establishment of the Caliphate. India hopes that Bangladesh will be able to curb this intolerant situation in the country.

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