Interview: 'Chandrababu Naidu still has Hyderabad hangover', says K T Rama Rao

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There is a big fight on between the Telangana Rastra Samithi (TRS) and the Telugu Desam Party (TDP). The issue is pertaining to an audio tape allegedly containing a phone conversation between Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, Chandrababu Naidu and a nominated MLA of the Telangana Assembly.

There have been allegations made against Naidu that his party has been trying to purchase some MLAs of the TRS. Naidu hit back with a denial and also filing of defamation cases against the Telangana Chief Minister, K Chandrasekara Rao.

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Telangana's minister for Information Technology and Panchayat Raj, K T Rama Rao has dared Naidu to take a lie detector test.

In this interview with OneIndia, Rao says that Naidu is not above the law and will have to face the charges if proven guilty.

What action is your government proposing against Chandrababu Naidu?

First things first. Chandrababu Naidu is not above the law. The law of the land is equal to everybody whether you are the Prime Minister or the Chief Minister. Naidu cannot seek an exemption from the law just because he is a chief minister.

If Naidu is found guilty, then he will have to face punishment too as per law. Law will take its own course against him and the Anti Corruption Bureau will function as per procedure.

Naidu has accused your government of a witch hunt. Your thoughts on the same?

Is Naidu a kid? He is issuing such statements merely to divert from the real subject. The issue on hand is the corrupt practices of the TDP. Everyone has heard what Naidu had to say over the phone. He has been caught red-handed and there is no denying that. He is bound to call it a witch hunt now.

There was a valid complaint made by one of our legislators. He had said in the complaint that there were attempts to purchase him. Where is the witch hunt in all this?

Are you convinced that it was really Naidu on the phone line?

First and foremost, let Naidu answer whether his legislator was caught offering the bribe or not. His own legislator refers to him several times. He had come to speak with our legislator at Naidu's behest. Let Naidu first confirm or deny that.

The forensic report will be out soon. This will prove whether the voice on the phone was Naidu's or not. The fact that he was caught on tape is something that he cannot deny. He has to answer the people first.

If Naidu has tried to purchase your legislator then what could be the reason behind it?

The TDP has been rejected by the people of Telangana in the last election. Naidu is just making an attempt to stay relevant in Telangana politics. He has taken politics to the lowest level. The cost he was willing to pay each of our MLAs was Rs 5 crore.

Are you sure none of your MLAs will be lured?

We are confident that none of our MLAs will be lured by the TDP. If someone does get lured then the people will ensure that their political careers are finished.

Do you feel that Naidu still has a Hyderabad hangover?

Naidu is clearly not over Hyderabad. He still has a hangover of Hyderabad. He continues to act like the Chief Minister of Telangana. He must remember that he is an ordinary citizen in Telangana. He cannot continue to make shrill noises and expect the issue to die down.

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