Interview- Shaadi Bhagya to Tipu, K'taka CM Siddaramaiah has let us down on every front

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From Shaadi Bhagya to Tipu Sultan, Siddaramaiah has disappointed the people of Karnataka. When the Congress High Command is introspecting whether it committed a mistake by angering the majority community, the Congress in Karnataka appears to have learnt nothing at all, says senior BJP leader and former law and parliamentary affairs minister Suresh Kumar.

Oneindia caught up with Suresh Kumar for an informal chat in which issues ranging from the performance of Siddaramaiah to the Delhi elections were discussed.


On Kiran Bedi:

Kiran Bedi is known in the public field and she is a very well known face and name. By and large she has a positive image and when she was in service she has proven her ability.

Even after her retirement, she has continued in public activities and provided motivation to several persons. She brings with her credibility which by and large the political field today looks forward to.

She being in the party will help the BJP campaign a great deal. It will help the bjp campaign to get credibility.

On projecting Kiran Bedi as Chief Ministerial candidate:

In the last few elections the BJP had not projected any CM candidate. However, all states cannot be looked at with the same yardstick and the dynamics in Delhi are different.

The leaders of the party felt the need to announce a name soon. It was felt last time that the name of Harshvardhan was announced late and this could have cost the party a desired result.

Hence the BJP has gone ahead and announced the name of Kiran Bedi as the CM candidate. This gives the party an advantage right from the start.

Does the Karnataka BJP need a fresh face?

When it comes to Karnataka there is a lot of time left. There is no point in discussing an election that is to be held in 2018. We are focusing more on the BBMP elections for now.

I do not know about a fresh face, but all of us working for the party at the moment. However if the party decides to rope in a fresh face many CM candidates may wonder and there could be some amount of heart burn too.

There may be questions asked about how a fresh face was inducted into the party. However if a valid reason for inducting a fresh face is given, I am sure that our cadre will be by and large convinced.

On Siddaramaiah's performance:

My honest opinion about Siddaramaiah is that he has disappointed the people of Karnataka. People thought with his experience he will present a better picture. But he has disappointed.

Looking at the administration of Siddaramaiah today it is clear that they are too busy with extra curricular activities rather than focusing on actual administration.

I do not understand what the gain is behaving this way especially after the Congress lost so badly in the Lok Sabha elections. Even the high command of the Congress felt the futility of catering to vote bank politics. However the Karnataka Congress does not seem to have realized this and has blinkers on.

On the appeasement accusation:

I do not know who is advising the Congress in Karnataka. Whatever they are doing are all non-returnable returns. It appears as though they are doing things only to show the public that they are anti BJP.

Siddaramaiah started with the Shaadi Bhagya issue and then touched upon the issue of superstion. The recent was the Tipu Sultan issue.

You forget for once what the BJP is saying about Tipu Sultan. Go and ask the people about the sentiment that they have towards Tipu Sultan. That will give you the correct picture.

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