(Interview) Pro Afzal Guru slogan is freedom of speech, questioning it is intolerance?

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Anyone of these Members of Parliament who would have been inside the Parliament when it was attacked would have known what the situation was back then. There was tension, panic and fear and when it was over there was a sigh of relief.

Today it just does not add up when some of those very members who faced that horrific situation stand up in support of Afzal Guru who was convicted by none other than the Supreme Court.

Misconception about Afzal Guru: Sahay

C D Sahay, the former chief of the Research and Analysis Wing who was involved in the gathering of intelligence and piecing together the evidence relating to the Parliament attack says that there is something very wrong here.

In this interview with OneIndia, Sahay says it is sad that people in our country are celebrating the martyrdom of a man who attacked the fundamental pillar of democracy- The Parliament of India.

What do you make of the JNU protests?

I will not get into the politics of it. I would also not want to comment on the incident at the Hyderabad university either. However I would specifically like to point out here is why are people celebrating the martyrdom of Afzal Guru.

These people say it is a judicial killing

What do they mean by that? There is a lot of misconception these people have about both Afzal Guru and S A R Geelani. The fundamental pillar of our democracy was attacked and the ones convicted in this case are being treated as martyrs? There is something very wrong here.

These people say it is their freedom of speech and expression

If that is so then let it be a two way street. If they chant pro Afzal Guru slogans, then it amounts to freedom of speech. However if someone questions it, it becomes intolerance? How is that even fair?

What was Afzal Guru's real intention?

These people wanted to demolish the Parliament. They wanted to attack democracy.

There are political parties too which have supported those protesting the hanging of Afzal Guru. What is your take on this sir?

Very unfortunate. In fact what is most unfortunate is that political parties are supporting this cause as well. These people know exactly what had happened when they were inside Parliament. I feel that the Afzal Guru issue should go beyond the realm of politics.

This is an issue in Kashmir today too

Yes it is an issue. There are many who will try and make an hero out of him. Kashmir is moving on and will continue to move on. The situation there can be handled. What people need to understand that there are many persons nurtured by Pakistan who raise this bogey.

Many locals in Kashmir want a change, but there will this small minority who want to ensure that change does not happen.

Lastly what are your views on the pro Afzal Guru protest at the JNU?

JNU is in the heart of Delhi. Celebrating the martyrdom of Afzal Guru in JNU is something terrible. People around the world have started making comments about democratic values. The incident at JNU has brought India a bad name in the world.

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