Oops! I did it again! the incorrigible North Korea and the unabashed inter-Korean relations

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The recent cold war between North and South Korea shows one thing-North Korea is incorrigible. The nuclear test is just one of the occassions when South Korea had unsettling relations with the Northern counterpart.

For instance on January 12, both the sides rebuked the other using loudspeakers along the highly militarised border, but North Korea again ruled the roost.

North-South Korea

Forget history and the cold war, experts believe that even if the tests were not 'nuclear' in nature, North Korea will anytime have an edge over its southern counterpart when it came to warhead.

Untying knots

In fact, North Korea made a mountain of a molehill when the South Korean President Park Geun-hye took over office vowing to build trust with the North and work on Korean reunification.

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As an answer to the 'vow' North Korea conducted its third nuclear test, unsettling the inter-Korean relations and drawing United Nation's ire.

Then came the blame game. South Korea accused North Korea of planting landmines that maimed two of its soldiers.

Reunification, a distant goal

The tepid reactions of North Korea will continue to happen as experts believe that the fire of reunification is lit only on the Southern side and the Northern side is nodding in agreement only for diplomacy's sake.

Robert E. Kelly, a professor of political science at Pusan National University said,"I think South Korean public opinion, more than anything, wants North Korea to sort of drift away and become just like another Third World, hell-hole dictatorship far away from them."

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