Pakistan forms new terrorist group ItP, to carry out attacks in India

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Terror outfits on rise in Pakistan
While Pakistan continues ceasefire violations at the LoC, testing India's patience, terror outfits are on the rise in the neighbouring country. The Idara-tul-Pakistan or the Institution of Pakistan has risen and this is not good news for India. When compared to the Lashkar-e-Taiba, Al-Qaeda or the Jaish-e-Mohammad the ItP is a lethal outfit which comprises of a deadly combination of terrorists and the Pakistan military.

The outfit which has been kept on stand-by, by the Pakistan establishment has woken up today as Pakistan realizes that it can never fight leave alone win a conventional war with India.

ItP formed to carry out attacks in India

Headed by Adnan Rashid, a former officer of the Pakistan Airforce, the ItP was launched with a sole intent of blending Paksitan's terrorist forces and the military (airforce, army and navy) to specifically launch attacks in India.The presence of several Fidayeens fighting alongside the Pakistan army along the LoC is an attribution to the ItP.

A heavily coded message on the privately circulated Al-Qaeda's magazine Azan by Rashid makes it clear that the Pakistan army has officially roped in this outfit to blend with it and launch lethal strikes in India with Kashmir being the main focus. Pakistan has been trying everything under the sun and this is just another added weapon to weaken India, says an officer of the Intelligence Bureau.

Rashid's exact words says that the ItP or the Institution of Pakistan aims at roping in Jihadis from across Pakistan and Afghanistan. Members are then chosen to serve in the different wings of the Pakistan army.

The entire operation is staged by the ISI chief who decides on what the requirements are, Rasheed also says. He also states that this blend is important for Pakistan and its war against India.

ItP's rise linked to Ayman Al-Zawahiri's video

There is just one difference in all this and that is it is an army which has people in uniform and without uniform clearly pointing to the existence of a strong jihadi force in the Pakistan military which operates without the uniform. An officer studying the rise of the ItP says that the awakening of this outfit is directly linked to the Ayman Al-Zawahiri video which threatened to launch its India operations.

Zawahiri would have personally preferred not to issue this video statement. However the ISI was desperate and even went up to the extent of deciding what he should speak in the video. The ISI wanted the Al-Qaeda to team up with the SIMI and carry out strikes in India as part of their home grown terror agenda.

In the meantime, it decided to pick the Lashkar, its most trusted outfit to be part of the ItP. The ISI has also roped in several members of the Taliban to be part of the ItP and proof of this is once again in the message issued by Rashid who also trains the Taliban.

Pakistan's innocent victim ploy busted

Pakistan has repeatedly cribbed about the Jihadi forces infiltrating into their military and makes it seem that they are victims of terror.

However all these claims have been busted by Rashid who clearly states that it is a ploy by the ISI to dish out the numbers and create a strong force.

The ISI has several benefits in this new operation. It would always place the jihadis in front and make it seem like a terror attack thus protecting their establishment. More importantly unlike the Pakistan army, jihadis are ideologically driven and this only means that they are ready to die for the cause, which makes them even more lethal on the battle field.

The rise of the ItP has led to the Indian Intelligence Bureau raising the threat level especially on the border areas.  The warnings are very specific to major attacks on the ground while also warning the the Indian navy to be on high alert.

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