Inside Lakhvi's 14 room home in Lahore

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A 14 room house in Lahore has become a hub of activity. It is out here that the dreaded Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi lives with his family. The house is a fortress and is guarded by at least 30 personnel. There are intelligence officials who are found circling this house and entering the premises is next to impossible.

The Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi issue had become a bone of contention not only between India and Pakistan but with China as well. The extremely powerful commander of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba who is one of the masterminds of the 26/11 attack holds regular meetings with members of the ISI and the Pakistan army and the plan ahead is devious.


What is Lakhvi planning?

Lakvhi unlike before does not operate on the field. He has been deliberately told to stay off the battle field as the Indian agencies are gunning for his head. Instead he remote controls the Lashkar from his safe house in Lahore. Being the commander of the Lashkar which is the most trusted proxy of the Lashkar, Lakhvi has a major role to play.

The aggression along the Indo-Pak border is attributed to the extensive planning by Lakhvi along with officers of the ISI and the Pakistan army. It is a house swarming with activity, an official part of the Intelligence in India informed OneIndia. Lakhvi has not lost touch with the Lashkar cadre and his stay in jail has not changed anything much.

In fact when Lakhvi was in jail, the ISI and members of the Pakistan army continued to consult with him. It is a well known fact that Lakhvi is the imam of all Jihadis in Pakistan and he is also considered to be an artist when it comes to waging a war with India.

Pakistan's new found aggression and the Lakhvi factor:

In the past couple of days, Pakistan has adopted a very aggressive stand. There has been unprovoked firing along the border. The unprovoked firing has been taking place only with an intention of trying to infiltrate Lashkar-e-Tayiba militants into Kashmir.

Lakhvi appears to be in the centre of it all. The Lashkar cadres whose morales were sagging appear to be fighting on a very aggressive note today. It was a well known fact that the release of Lakhvi was extremely crucial as 90 per cent of the Lashkar fighters subscribe to him. The morale of the Lashkar had been sagging as long as Lakhvi was in jail.

However Pakistan was extremely keen that he be out of jail so that he could oversee the command of the Laskhar. Intelligence reports would suggest that Lakhvi is most of the time locked in his Lahore home under tight security. However he does make a couple of visits to the camp at Murdike to speak to the cadres in person.

Frequent visits to Lashkar camps:

The visits he makes to the Laskhkar camps are extremely secretive and are very often done early in the morning or late in the night. His presence at the camps to speak to the cadres directly is extremely important and the ISI would ensure that it happens more regularly.

Lakhvi apart from being a fierce commander is also a good talker. He along with Hafiz Saeed speak very often to the members of the Lashkar with an intention of boosting their morale. While Saeed continues to dish out the ideological talk, Lakhvi is more to the point. He knows how to get the job done and has a very high success rate, Indian officials say.

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