'Yeh dosti hum na todenge', India-US's sholay moment

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The muse in us takes a dive into the imagination as we see US President Barack Obama and Indian PM Narendra Modi hugging each other tight.

One cannot imagine the political tension that the two countries were going when US severed all ties with India for the May 1988 nuke tests.

Modi in USA

Egoes clashed and so did political intent. The Gabbar called Pakistan was said to be under the wings of one of the two friends, we know who and he was targetting the other friend from those very wings.

The things have changed now and so has the camaraderie between US and India, thanks to he counter-terrorism sanctions and economic demand.

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Friendship restored thereafter.

However, there are more than one reasons that the friendship will continue till the end, much like the sought-after film-Sholey.

Modi in US

Cross my heart and hope to die

Narendra Modi and Barack Obama have met thrice in the last seven months, breaking the long gap of indifference. True, Bill Clinton came to India in 2000 to mend the relationship, visits to each other's countries dipped unceremoniously. Modi is good at his strategies as he built strong ties with Japan and Australia, the two key U.S. allies in East Asia.

While Japanese relations sit strong on the economy of India, the Australian engagment is more defence-based.

Modi in US

What America wants from India

Certainly, the US wants the closest possible relationship with India, mostly because it is one of the emerging economies after China and is also known for its scientific and defence feats. Add to it the fact that India is increasingly becoming self-sufficient in its own resources under the 'Make in India' programme.

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1. The US has been consistently saying that it wants to assist India in emerging as a major global power. And what vested interest does US have in doing so? Its biggest rival in the economy is China and India is the only country of its size which can nullify its geopolitical pull. The scenario becomes even more complaisant as India is the only country that has no clash of interest with the western super power. That way India too can combat the economic heat that it faces from China in Southeast Asia.

2. The conomic partnership between US and India is strategically important during the times of recession, especially when apart from US and China, India stays afloat even in a global meltdown.

3. Defence partnerships between the two countries are on the run. Infact, both the countries have signed up for 10 years on their framework agreement for the US-India Defence relationships. In fact, the Defence Trade and Technology identifies the common areas of interest in defence technology and work on their potential growth together.

Modi in US

Why will India consider?

The NSG backing and the Paris Pact, which ensures that India stays aboard the climate change commitment, which is prestigeous for the country. In the wake of this, US has also offered India clean energy technology. US also held out the promise of making India eligible for U.S. oil and natural gas exports.

Pakistan unites the two countries...indirectly

What laid the differences between US and India have been sorted. As US decided to pull out its troops from Afghanistan, apprehensions in both the countries seep in. While India is bothered with the vacant space that will take no time to be filled up with terrorist groups. US too has the same concerns and therefore it continues to build pressure on Pakistan for a smooth transition in Afghanistan so that they do not host terror groups like the al-Qaeda which target the U.S.

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Speaking to the media, Senator Ben Cardin, justified the blooming relationship, saying, "We have many issues with what Pakistan does, but we have a strategic partnership that's critically important to our counter-terrorism activities. As a result, there are economic issues between our two countries, including military issues that advance US interest."

Ultimately, the relation that US and India depends on how both the countries 'explot' each other for their own interests. It is a balancing act...indeed! However, till the time Pakistan continues to brew its own terror groups, the relation will persist. And from what we can make of Pakistan's intentions, the brewery is not going to stop any time soon.

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