Indo-US maritime cooperation- This is what it looks like

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Enhanced cooperation on maritime security was one of the key aspects that was discussed between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. Both countries realize the need to have better cooperation where maritime security is concerned.

Both countries have been making a pitch to better maritime security and for India and US it becomes extremely important for a lot of reasons.

Ind-US want better maritime cooperation

The safety of the seas

With one-fifth of the world's energy supplies traveling across the Indian Ocean, maritime security becomes even more important. Ensuring the safety of the ships on the Indian Ocean is very crucial to the economy of both the nations.

While acts of terror from the seas are also a crucial aspect the bigger concern is that both nations felt that there was a growing threat from Pirates and in the interest of economy and commerce it is necessary to secure the seas. India is already working closely with the US in the Gulf of Aden to combat attacks by pirates.

What does the maritime security frameworks look like?

Both countries will work further to ensure a secure maritime domain in a bid to ensure free flow of commerce and also counter terrorist and pirate threats. There will also be enhanced cooperation by both the countries in undertaking disaster relief work on the seas too.

Cooperation will also be extended by both the countries in tackling other problems such as drug trafficking and robbery at the high seas. Latest intelligence reports also suggest that some groups may try to move weapons of mass destructions on the high seas.

Extending cooperation

Both the countries will discuss regularly the issue pertaining to maritime security. There would be regular meetings between the officials of both countries where discussions will be held on new threats and also better avenues to combat the threats.

Cooperation will also be extended to share intelligence, search and rescue operations, technical assistance, combating maritime pollution and enhancement of technology.

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