Indo-China relations: We had Hyuen Tsang 4000 yrs ago, we have Indians now

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Shanghai, May 16: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the orator that he is, has taken the Indian community in Shanghai on his side with his ideas about the two nations.

Clearly, a global leader, Modi knows how to grow with time and adopt time as it passes by. In his India meet in Shanghai, he encouraged the people of India to break all barriers and represent India as a nation to the Chinese.

Where Hyuen Tsang connects 2 States

The link lies in the history

Eulogising the great Chinese Buddhist monk Hsuan Tsang and his works on India, Modi draws a connecting string between the two nations. And he struck the right chord when he said that Tsang had visited his village 4000 when he travelled to India.

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He also revealed that the monk had also been to Xian, the village of the Chinese President Xi Jinping and that the latter's book there reveals the Indian culture and Modi's village.

What Modi told the Indians in China

"This is the 21st century and it is the Asian age, so ensure that you build relations with China. China emerged as a powerful country in 30 years and we are considered to be the fastest developing country in the world. Plus, our rich heritage that connects us both will help us understand each other better," he said.

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Highlighting the demography of the two countries, he said," there are more Indians living in China than the other way round. So, as Indians you are more responsible to represent India in the right way. I know Chinese are inquisitive about India and they want to know more about us. Quench their thirst, bring them home, to our weddings, show them India."

"Let them know about India's natural resources, about the people and the culture that binds us both. This will help us take a united journey toward development and we can start heading further ahead from 7% annual growth rate," he further added.

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